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 December 2016 ASDA News Hero 


ASDA News is your resource for dental news on topics like licensure, student debt, practice management, dental student life and some fun stuff too. Grab a cup of coffee, steal a few minutes between classes and flip through the latest issue. ASDA News makes it easy and fun to stay in the know about your profession.

Job Security: Protecting the National Boards integrity 

A female dental student studies alone in a library. A male colleague joins her moments later and says, "I just ran into Doug on my way over. He took the National Boards yesterday. He said he'd go over some of his test questions."

"That's not a good idea," the woman says, noting that doing so would breach the rules of conduct, violate the exam's confidentiality requirement and would be considered cheating.

Her colleague is undeterred. What's the big deal, he wonders. I just want a little help, and I need to pass this test. Besides, Doug won't be telling us anything we can't already find on websites or blogs. He isn't giving us the answers. He's just pointing us in the right direction.

The refrain may sound familiar. Yet it's just the kind of thinking that keeps David Waldschmidt up at night. As director of testing services and secretary of the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations, it's his job to protect the integrity of an exam valued at $2 million. When students cheat, he says, they misrepresent their own competence put their patients at risk and undermine public trust in their profession. Cheaters who get caught can have test scores voided and lose any chance of retaking the exam. Keep reading.... 

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