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Preparing for Your State Lobby Day
Legislative pamphlet

Is your chapter preparing for an upcoming state lobby day and in need of student-specific materials? Download ASDA’s legislative pamphlet. This resource can help inform your audience of who we are and the issues that impact dental students.

Be sure to follow the directions for downloading and printing to ensure this is an effective and attractive resource.

Instructions for printing ASDA’s legislative pamphlet: 

  1. Contact a local printer like a FedEx Office Print Center or visit their website to order online. Also consider low-cost online printers like Vistaprint. Vistaprint offers prices as low as 80 cents per flyer, but you won’t be able to choose your paper stock and you’ll have to allow more time to order and have the flyers shipped to you.
  2. Plan to print the pamphlets double-sided in color. Choose a paper stock that is of good quality such as a text gloss or a gloss cardstock. A cardstock will cost more, so ask your local print shop to quote multiple papers.
  3. Determine the quantity you need and your budget. Here are price estimates based on a high-quality gloss cardstock:
    1. 50 pamphlets ≈ $130
    2. 100 pamphlets ≈ $250
    3. 150 pamphlets ≈ $380
  4. Tips for securing the best price include:
    1. Plan ahead to give the print shop more time. Most FedEx Office Print Centers guarantee a 24-hour turnaround. But if you give them more time to complete a project, it could mean cost-savings.
    2. Ask about bulk discounts. By increasing your quantity, you may be able to print on a different type of printing press, which could end up costing less per piece. If your chapter is located in the same city as another ASDA chapter, consider printing your pamphlets together to save money.
    3. You can save some money by folding the pamphlets yourself.
    4. Try to avoid print shops located in hotels. These print centers can charge up to double what a stand-alone center would charge.
  5. Questions? E-mail for assistance.

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