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Editorial Board

016-17 Ed BoardL-R: Tyler Fix, Victoria Castens, Erik Klintmalm, Kim Kelly, Stephen Rogers, Sean Lee, Rachel Bush, Sharlene Cam, Adam Saltz  

The Editorial Board develops and manages the content and format of ASDA’s external print publications, Mouth and ASDA News, as well as the blog, Mouthing Off. The editorial board also contributes to the production of the student handbooks.

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 Current Members  

Name  Position  Chapter 
Adam Saltz  Editor-In-Chief Nova Southeastern
Victoria Castens  Contributing Editor Temple
Tyler Fix  Contributing Editor Midwestern-Arizona
Erik Klintmalm  Contributing Editor Arizona
Sean Lee  Contributing Editor Stony Brook
Stephen Rogers  Contributing Editor Buffalo
Rachel Bush  Electronic Editor Las Vegas
Sharlene Cam  Electronic Editor Los Angeles
Kim Kelly  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Past accomplishments of the Editorial Board:

  • New Initiatives 
    • 100% chapter inclusion goal: The Editorial Board set a goal to publish at least one contribution (in print or on the blog) from each of ASDA’s 65 chapters. At the date of publication of this report, 54 chapters have contributed more than 324 articles and blog posts over the past year. The Editorial Board expects to receive contributions from the remaining 11 chapters before their term ends.
    • Blog surveys: For the first time, ASDA’s Editorial Board used survey tools to write a blog post.
  • ASDA News and Mouth 
    • Interprofessionalism in ASDA’s publications: The Editorial Board organized collaboration with students from other dental organizations in an effort to showcase interprofessionalism. An article authored by SPEA Executive Chair Katie Bell was published in the summer issue of Mouth. More articles are forthcoming.
  • Mouthing Off 
    • Wellness Wednesday: In support of ASDA’s Wellness Initiative, the electronic editors started including one wellness post each month.
    • Life Hacks Week: ASDA’s electronic editor, Jay Banez, published the second annual “Life Hacks Week” in September of 2015. This back-to-school themed week is filled with tips to “hack” your life as a student and do everything from study tips, how to eat well and manage stress.

2015-16 Editorial Board Annual Report 

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