Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of the president, two vice presidents and the executive director (ASDA staff). The president serves as the spokesperson for the association. He or she interacts with leaders and members at all levels and has the opportunity to address issues important to ASDA with organizations including ADA, ADEA and other dental student groups. The president works closely with the vice presidents and staff in making key decisions to further the association. The two vice presidents work closely with the president in making decisions in the best interest of the association. The vice presidents may serve as spokespersons for ASDA when requested.

Kristopher Mendoza  Kristopher Mendoza
Los Angeles '15
Daryn Lu  Daryn Lu
Vice President
Oklahoma '15
Jason Watts  Jason Watts
Vice President
Nova Southeastern '15
Nancy Honeycutt  Nancy Honeycutt
Executive Director
ASDA Central Office

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