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1. Why didn’t I receive ASDA News in June or July?
ASDA News is published every month, excluding June and July (10 times a year). Be sure that ASDA has your correct mailing address so you receive your publications in the future. To verify your address, go to View My Account. To view the latest issue online, click here.

2. How often will I receive Mouth?
Mouth is published four times a year (spring, summer, fall, winter). You will receive a hard copy in the mail and can also access the digital version here.

3. May I request back issues of publications?
Members may view back issues of ASDA News and Mouth online.

4. What is Word of Mouth?
Word of Mouth is ASDA’s monthly e-newsletter sent to all members. The newsletter has information on events, issues and initiatives of interest to ASDA members. If you are not receiving this monthly e-newsletter, ASDA may not have an e-mail address on file for you. Please add an email address to your profile to receive this e-newsletter. Click here to access back issues of Word of Mouth.

5. I haven’t been receiving my JADA and ADA News.
JADA and ADA News are ADA publications. Contact the ADA Office of Student Affairs at or 800-621-8099 ext. 4656.

6. How do I write for an ASDA publication?
We want you to write for ASDA. Click here to learn more.

7. What can I write about?
Before you write anything, an editor will work with you to determine a topic. If you're passionate about something, you'll most likely be able to write about it. We're always looking for stories about dentistry, dental education, career transition (from dental school to the work place), professional issues, financial advice and "real life" dental school experiences.

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