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Council on Advocacy - Chair Duties

Position Description

Serves the association as the content expert in the area of legislation and advocacy. Supervises and directs the activities of the Council on Advocacy and the Legislative Grassroots Network (LGN).

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be an active predoctoral member at the time of application and throughout the term of office.
  2. Must be able to attend all required meetings below.
  3. Must be able to complete assignments and responsibilities by established deadlines.
  4. Experience serving on the Council is strongly preferred.


Must be able to attend each meeting noted below in order to be considered for the position. Click here for exact dates.

  • Spring Council and Board of Trustees meeting
  • Fall Council and Board of Trustees meeting
  • ADA Washington Leadership Conference
  • ASDA Annual Session 2016
  • National Dental Student Lobby Day 2016


  • Chairs all meetings of the Council.
  • Approves all Council meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Provides oversight on strategic plan advocacy initiatives.
  • Works with staff to plan National Dental Student Lobby Day.
  • May be appointed to serve as the ASDA representative to the ADA Council on Government Affairs.
  • Submits post-meeting reports when representing ASDA at outside meetings.
  • Submits a year-end continuity report.
  • Assists with orientation and transition of new Council members.

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