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Predental Consultant Duties

Position Description

Serves as a non-voting consultant to the Council on Membership. Provides insight into the unique needs of ASDA’s predental members.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be an active predental member at the time of application and throughout the term of office (applications will not be accepted from predental members who will start dental school during their term).
  2. Must be able to attend all required meetings below.
  3. Must be able to complete assignments and responsibilities by established deadlines.

Term Length

Annual Session 2017 - Annual Session 2018


Must be able to attend each meeting noted below in order to be considered for the position. Click here for exact dates.

  • Spring Council meeting
  • Fall Council meeting
  • National Leadership Conference
  • ASDA Annual Session 2018
  • Conference calls as needed


  • Serves as a consultant to the Council on Membership on issues related to predental students.
  • Helps to promote and recruit predental members.
  • Keeps abreast of changes to the dental school application process and assists in communicating changes to members.
  • Serves as liaison between the Predental Advisory Committee and Council on Membership.
  • Assists in the planning of ASDA Predental Week and DAT Week.
  • Provides feedback to council and staff on new resources, benefits and communications for predental members.
  • Performs duties as assigned by the council chair.
  • Submits regular reports to council chair and staff liaison.
  • Provides content for association publications and media as requested.

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