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Fall Mouth 2016

You're busy but you still want to stay on top of the latest themes in dentistry. Opening a practice, dental outreach and the big issues affecting health care are important to you. That's where Mouth comes in. Mouth is a quarterly magazine that features a theme each issue. But you'll also find all the departments you've come to expect from ASDA publications like financial matters, the issues and a predental section.

Finding your voice when it matters most  

By Stephen Rogers, Buffalo '18, contributing editor 

The first time my writing appeared in widely circulated print was a letter to the editor in my hometown newspaper, The Press & Sun-Bulletin. It was 2004, meaning there was ink on my fingertips, not a glass screen. A local man wrote to the editor that the legal voting age of 18 was too low. He cited teenagers as "transient guests in our homes" who are uneducated and undeserving of a voice in governmental affairs. The 15-year-old me recoiled and penned a retort in the style of an 800-word editorial.

The Press & Sun ran about a tenth of my tirade. But the editor managed to capture my teenage angst. It's "wrong to pigeonhole an entire generation based on your limited experience with millennials," I wrote. I argued that we are informed. Living in the information age, we have no choice but to be informed. Knowledge is effortlessly accessible. In 2016, there's really no excuse for anyone of any age to make uneducated decisions in a polling booth. There's also no excuse not to vote. Keep reading... 

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