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Chapter Presentations

The following presentations can be shown at lunch & learns, recruitment drives, chapter events and visits to predental clubs. Many of them include notes to assist in the delivery of the presentation.

The Value of ASDA Membership: Use this lunch and learn presentation providing an overview of ASDA, benefits and events to show to new and renewing students at the beginning of the year. Notes are included with this file for the presenter to use. Presentations are focused for different years in school.

Leadership Skills: Utilize presentations from National Leadership Conference speakers to help members improve leadership development skills. Each presentation includes notes for the presenter.

Student Debt: presentations for D1 and D4 students are available to help members understand their debt, evaluate their options and prepare them to make smart decisions in the future. The presentations also cover ASDA’s policy on debt and ways to advocate for the future. They can be presented in conjunction with Debt 101 Guide.

  • D1 presentation – topics include budgeting, scholarships and repayment, financial aid and calculating debt
  • D4 presentation – topics include budgeting, repayment options, residency and licensure costs, forbearance and resources

Advocacy 101: Legislative liaisons and advocacy chairs are encouraged to use this template to create an advocacy-themed presentation. This presentation includes information about the advocacy track program, as well as ASDA’s key legislative priorities.

Member Benefits: Highlights the tangible benefits of ASDA, such as free life and disability insurance, health insurance, debt management services and more.

ASDA Predental Membership: Features the benefits of joining ASDA as a predental member and includes notes for use by any student who is presenting to predental students. Don't forget that ASDA offers an incentive to chapters for recruitment efforts!

Chapter Communications and Resources: Share this presentation with members to learn the various communications that ASDA produces, opportunities to write for ASDA publications and the resources available to chapters.

Transition to ADA Membership: This presentation can be given to fourth-year students to educate them on how they transition to ADA membership upon graduation. 

History of ASDA Video: View this video to give members an overview of ASDA from its beginning in 1971 until present day.

Amalgam Video: This video, Mercury in Dental Amalgams: An Examination of the Science, shows excerpts from a Hearing of the Government Reform Committee on Nov. 15 2002, and demonstrates the importance of educating our legislators on the issues affecting dentistry.

Other ASDA Videos: Visit the ASDA YouTube channel to access all our latest video content.

In addition to these presentations, there are How-to Guides that you can download and use as a resource for your chapter.

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