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Council on Professional Issues

The Council on Professional Issues serves the association as a resource on dental practice administration and professional issues, such as ethics, barriers to care and public health. The council also reviews ASDA’s Code of Ethics.

15 Pro-issues

 Current Members 

Name  Position  Chapter 
Andrew Naeger  Chair Houston
Alexandra Pierre-Bez  Council Associate Midwestern-Arizona
Chelsea Rajagopalan  Council Associate Rutgers
Jordan Telin  District 2 Trustee Buffalo
Nancy Honeycutt  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Past accomplishments:

  • The Council researched state associations that lacked ASDA representation and conducted follow-up to determine challenges to the chapter/state association relationship. State association contacts were updated.
  • The Council, working with the ADA Center for Professional Success, provided a resource with a high level review of dental insurance terms and scenarios. 
  • The Council chose ASDA chapters to receive grants based on established application and review processes. The grants supplement outreach programs with the intention of continuing from year to year.
  • Based on a chapter leader’s suggestions, the Council supported ASDA’s Sensitivity to Diversity policy by investigating the need for a diversity web page. The project will continue with the 2015-16 Council on Professional Issues.
  • Supported by the ASDA B-3 policy on Interdisciplinary Dental Education, the Council investigated and drafted a letter to colleagues to encourage communication about dental health with patients from health care workers in other disciplines.
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