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Congressional Appointments

Please use this resource to assist you in scheduling appointments on Capitol Hill.

All appointments should take place on Tuesday, April 14 beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Things to keep in mind before scheduling:

  1. All appointments should be scheduled by Monday, April 6.
  2. Have one person at your chapter be responsible for scheduling appointments. If there are multiple schools in your state, please reach out to your legislative coordinator to ensure that multiple appointments are not made for the same office.
  3. If you would like to set up a meeting with a legislator not in your school’s state or district, please contact the legislative coordinator for that state.
  4. Refer to the appointment scheduling table below to see all the congressional appointments made by ASDA members.

Things to keep in mind when scheduling:

  1. Find the elected officials for your state and congressional district using ASDA Engage. Put in the zip code of your school.
  2. Call your legislator’s office. Please refer to the sample script below when making the call.
  3. Be flexible and accept a meeting with a congressional staffer.
  4. Be aware of how much time it takes to walk between congressional buildings. (Allow 20 minutes to walk from the House side (south) to the Senate side (north) of Capitol Hill.

Things to keep in mind after scheduling:

  1. Report your appointment by clicking the “Add a New Row” link below, entering the appropriate information and then clicking submit. You can go back and edit your appointment by clicking on the “Edit” link next to your entry in the table.
  2. Print business cards for your chapter. Congressional offices might ask for them.
  3. Research the legislators you are meeting with. Know what committees they sit on, know what bills they support, know if they cosponsored any of the bills ASDA is lobbying for.
  4. For other tips, visit the Lobby Day webpage.

Sample script for scheduling appointments:

  • Can I speak with the office scheduler?
    • I am [your name] from [your dental school] in your state or district from the state you represent.
    • I will be on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, April 14 for National Dental Student Lobby Day for the American Student Dental Association. I would like to meet with Senator [name]/Representative [name] or a member of their legislative staff. I would like to discuss the issues impacting dental students, such as student debt.
  • Do you have any available appointment times on that day?

Appointment Scheduling


Add a New Row

SchoolMember of CongressStateDistrictTimeSubmitted ByComments 
48813ASDOHKirkpatrick, AnnAZ112 PMDiewitt DuongMeeting with staffEdit
48814ASDOHGrijalva, RaulAZ211 AM Diewitt DuongMeeting with staffEdit
48815ASDOHGosar, PaulAZ410Diewitt DuongMeeting with CongressmanEdit
48816ASDOHRohrabacher, DanaCA4811:15Diewitt DuongMeeting with CongressmanEdit
49067BaylorRep Kenny MarchantTX248:15aStephanie GanterStaff - 2313 RHOBEdit
49068BaylorRep Michael BurgessTX269:30aStephanie GanterStaff - 2336 RHOBEdit
49069Baylor Rep Sam JohnsonTX031:00pmStephanie GanterStaff- 2304 RHOBEdit
48750Baylor Senator Ted CruzTX 12:30pmStephanie GanterStaff- 185 DSOBEdit
48753Boston UniversityRep. Jim McGovernMassachusetts2nd11:00amLucy Dang438 Cannon House Office, with Rep McGovernEdit
48763Boston UniversityRichard NeilMAMA-11:00 pmAlyssa MazzoliMeeting with Chief of Staff Ann JablonEdit
48729Boston UniversityLynn WestmorelandGeorgia3rd3:30Dave Lane2202 Rayburn, with Rep LWEdit
48730Boston UniversityElizabeth WarrenMassachusetts 10:00Dave Lane317 Hart, with Melea Atkins (legislative staff)Edit
48735Boston UniversityJoseph Kennedy IIIMA410AMDave Lanemeeting with Sarah CurtisEdit
48773Boston UniversitySen Kelly AyotteNH 11amDave LaneAny NH residents, please join!Edit
48774Boston UniversityAnn KusterNH2nd2pmJohn Barrettwith Lisbeth ZegganeEdit
48861Boston UniversityChelie PingreeMaine1st10:30AMJohn Barrett2162 RayburnEdit
49153Boston UniversityNiki TsongasMA3rd11amStanley YeMeeting with Health Fellow, Natasha KelletEdit
49164BuffaloSenator GillibrandNYNY3:30James Wanamakerstaff meetingEdit
49166BuffaloCongresswoman StefankiNYNY-2111amJames Wanamakerstaff meetingEdit
49187BuffaloElliot EngelNYNY-1611amJames Wanamaker Edit
48809BuffaloCongresswoman Louise SlaughterNYNY-252pmJames WanamakerTentative meeting with Staffer - CheriEdit
48810BuffaloSenator Chuck SchumerNYNY2:45James WanamakerStaff Meeting with Morgan BrandEdit
48731BuffaloRichard HannaNYNY-2212:15James Wanamaker Edit
48732BuffaloJohn KatkoNYNY-2410:30James Wanamaker Edit
48733BuffaloBrian HigginsNYNY-2611amJames Wanamaker Edit
48744BuffaloTom ReedNYNY-239:30amJames WanamakerMeeting with StaffEdit
48748BuffaloChris CollinsNYNY-272:30James WanamakerMeeting with Staff Ted AlexanderEdit
48742ColoradoSen. Cory GardnerColorado 8:30amChris, mtg with Chris Swager and Sen. GardnerEdit
48811ColoradoDiana DeGetteColorado111:00 am Chris KlekampTom Gibson, Legislative Aide
48827ColoradoSen. Martin HeinrichNew Mexico 3 pmChris KlekampLouis Agnello, legislative assistant. Edit
48828ColoradoMike CoffmanColorado612pmChris KlekampJeremy Lippert, Legislative Assistant,
49100ColoradoSen. Tom UdallNew Mexico 10:15 amChris KlekampFern Goodhart, Fern_Goodhart@tomudall.senate.govEdit
49140ColoradoSen. Michael BennetColorado 9:30 amChris KlekampErin Galloway, Erin_Galloway@senate.bennet.govEdit
49146ColoradoEd PerlmutterCO71 pmChris Klekampmtg with Christina.Winship,
49021CreightonSenator Jerry MoranKS 12:15 PMTheresa GrevingMtg w/ Sen Moran and staff Bryan PerkinsEdit
49056CreightonSenator Pat RobertsKS 10:30 AMTheresa Greving Edit
48762CreightonRep Kevin YoderKS39:45 AMTheresa GrevingMtg w/ staff Patrick CarrollEdit
48790CWRUSenator Rob PortmanOH 2:00pmBritni SkodaMeeting with Brad Couts - Legislative coordinator for healthcare portfolioEdit
48792CWRURepresentative Marcia FudgeOHOH-1110:00amBritni SkodaMeeting with Jacob Gelman - health legislative stafferEdit
48793CWRUSenator Sherrod BrownOH 1:00pmBritni SkodaMeeting with Legislative Assistant Kia HamadanchyEdit
48829CWRURepresentative John BoehnerOHOH-812:00pmBritni SkodaMeeting with Healthcare staffer Caleb GraffEdit
49124Georgia Regents UniversityRep. Barry LoudermilkGeorgia1st1:10pmNathan Raley Edit
48787Georgia Regents UniversitySen. John Isakson and Sen. David PerdueGeorgia 11:30amNathan RaleyMeeting with Michael Black and Lindsey MaxwellEdit
48788Georgia Regents UniversityRep. Buddy CarterGeorgia1st9:30amNathan Raley Edit
49150Georgia Regents UniversityRep. Rick AllenGeorgia12th2:00pmNathan Raley Edit
49154HoustonPete OlsonTexas2210:30Samin Huque (Huck)With aide Sarah MoxleyEdit
48786HoustonCongressman WeberTexas143:30PMGlennis
48740HoustonCongressman VelaTexas3411:00AMGlennis
48741HoustonCongressman Gene GreenTexas291:00PMGlennis KatzmarkMeeting with Aide
48736HoustonCongressman HinojosaTexas1511:00AMGlennis KatzmarkEd Hill
48737HoustonCongressman BabenTexas363:30PMGlennis
48764HoustonCongressman McCaulTexas1010:30AMNichole
48765HoustonCongressman ThornberryTexas1311:30AMGlennis
48934HoustonTed PoeTexas210:30Samin Huque (Huck)With Senior Legislative Assistant Blair BjellosEdit
48935HoustonLloyd DoggettTexas3510:30Samin Huque (Huck) Edit
48812HoustonRep. NeugebauerTX193:30PMGlennis KatzmarkJames, Melissa []Edit
48984Indiana UniversityRepresentative BrooksIN 10:45 AMChau LeminhMeeting with legislative assistant, EmilyEdit
49116Indiana University Rep. Todd YoungIN79:30amMelissa Liaomeeting with Jaymi LightEdit
48749Indiana UniversitySenator Dan CoatsIndiana 10:00AMChau Leminhcasey_murphy@coats.senate.govEdit
48775Indiana UniversitySenator DonnellyIndiana 11:30amChau Leminh Meeting with legislative assistantEdit
49155Indiana UniversityRepresentative StutzmanIN 1:30Chau LeminhRayburn 2418 on the 4th floor.Edit
49174KentuckyRogersKY52:00Taylor Cox Edit
48783KentuckyBarrKY611:15 PMTaylor Cox Edit
48784KentuckyWhitfieldKY112:30 PMTaylor Cox Edit
48785LECOM/UFRep. RonneyFLFL-1711:45Salvator La Mastra Edit
48757LECOM/UFSenator NelsonFL 11amSalvator La Mastra Edit
48758LECOM/UFRep. Buchanan FLFL-162:30PMSalvator La Mastra Edit
48791LECOM/UFSenator RubioFL 12:45Salvator La MastraHealthcare aideEdit
49123LECOM/UFAnder CrenshawFL4th10:00amSalvator La Mastra Edit
48916LECOM/UFRep.MurphyFL1811:00 AMSalvator La Mastra Edit
49018LLUTakanoCA 3:30Robert Perry  Edit
49019LLUAguilarCA 12:00Robert Perry  Edit
49020LLUVargasCA 1030Robert Perry  Edit
49152LLU Issa  145pmRobert Perry  Edit
49179LLUHunter  930Robert Perry Edit
49181LLURuiz  1000Robert Perry Edit
49182LLULowenthal  215Robert Perry Edit
49185Louisiana State UniversityBill CassidyLA59:00Nancy Ly Edit
49045Louisiana State UniversityRep. Cedric RichmondLA510:30 amNancy LyLegislative Assistant: Peter Hunter. 240 Cannon House Office BuildingEdit
48894Louisiana state UniversitySteve ScaliseLA512Nancy Ly  Edit
49117Louisiana State UniversitySen. David VitterLA512:00 PMNancy LyLegislative correspondent: Katie Mitchell. Hart 516Edit
49007MarquetteRep. SensenbrennerWisconsin59:30amNathaniel Cookmeeting with staff, Amy BossEdit
48881MarquetteSen. BaldwinWisconsin 10:00amNathaniel Cookmeeting with staff, Jasmine BadreddineEdit
48882MarquetteRep. PocanWisconsin210:30amNathaniel Cookmeeting with staff, Leslie ZelenkoEdit
48883MarquetteRep. Paul RyanWisconsin111:00amNathaniel Cookmeeting with staff, Allison SteilEdit
48884MarquetteRep. GrothmanWisconsin611:00amNathaniel Cookmeeting with staff, Kyle RoskamEdit
48885MarquetteRep. DuffyWisconsin71:30pmNathaniel Cookmeeting with Rep. DuffyEdit
48886MarquetteSen. JohnsonWisconsin 1:30pmNathaniel Cookmeeting with staff, Tom PetriEdit
48887MarquetteRep. MooreWisconsin42:00pmNathaniel Cookmeeting with staff, Tatiana CalderonEdit
48888MarquetteRep. RibbleWisconsin82:30pmNathaniel Cookmeeting with Rep. RibbleEdit
48801MichiganRep BenishekMI111:30Chris PowellCongressman and/or staffEdit
48802MichiganRep HuizengaMI29:30Chris PowellSenior LA Nate BultEdit
48803MichiganRep AmashMI39:30Chris PowellWith Matt WeibelEdit
48804MichiganRep MoolenaarMI41:00Chris PowellCongressman and LD Mike TelligaEdit
48805MichiganRep WalbergMI71:00Chris PowellWith LA Evan ArmstrongEdit
49186Midwestern -AZJohn McCainAZSenator11:30 AMYeri GuakMeeting w/StaffEdit
49178Midwestern -AZTrent FranksAZ82 PMYeri GuakMeeting w/Jonathan HayesEdit
49183Midwestern-AZKrysten SinemaAZ911:30 AMYeri GuakMeeting w/Michael Brownlie (Staff)Edit
48905Midwestern-AZRep. David SchweikertArizona69:30 AMYeri GuakMeeting with Staff MemberEdit
49131Midwestern-ILSenator Mark KirkIL712 PMSukhmani MultaniMeet with Mark Stewart, Healthcare Legislative CounselEdit
49173MinnesotaAl FrankenMNSenator1:00pmLiz Kummer309 Hart SOBEdit
48895Minnesota John KlineMN1st11:00 AMLiz Kummer 2439 RayburnEdit
49118MinnesotaKieth EllisonMN2nd11:00amLiz Kummer2263 RayburnEdit
49115MinnesotaRick NolanMN8th11:30amLiz Kummer2366 RayburnEdit
48795MinnesotaAmy KlobucharMNSenator12PMLiz Kummer302 Hart Senate Office BuildingEdit
48796MinnesotaCollin PetersonMN7th10AMLiz Kummer2204 Rayburn HOBEdit
48797MinnesotaErik PaulsonMN3rd11:30AMLiz Kummer127 Cannon House Office BuildingEdit
48789North CarolinaSenator Thom TillisNC 10:00amBen AndersMeet in Dirksen Building Room G-55Edit
48739North CarolinaMark MeadowsNCNC-1112:00pmBen AndersLunch w/ Congressman Meadows and Staffer AnsleyEdit
48746North CarolinaDavid PriceNCNC-41:30pmBen AndersMeet with Congressman Price in 2108 Rayburn HOB Edit
49112North CarolinaMark WalkerNCNC-611:30amBen AndersMeet with Joel in 312 Cannon BuildingEdit
49113North CarolinaPatrick McHenryNCNC-1011:30amBen AndersMeet with Krista in 2334 Rayburn HOBEdit
48800North CarolinaWalter Jones NCNC-311:30amBen Anders2333 Rayburn HOB Edit
49114NSUCongressman CurbeloFL2610amJeffrey ShiffmanMeeting with healthcare leg. asst. Ashley RoseEdit
48766NSURep. Wasserman-SchultzFL23TBARussell Kotch Edit
48768NSURep. FrankelFL2211:30Russell Kotchmeeting with Legislative Assistant Kelsey MoranEdit
49151NSURepresentative WilsonFlorida241:00 PMJeffrey ShiffmanMeeting with legislative assistant Corey SoloEdit
49148NSURepresentative ClawsonFL1911AMAlex VergaAssistant Alyssa WoottonEdit
49167NSURep. DeutchFL2111amRussell Kotchmeeting with legislative assistants Jason Atterman and Joel RichardEdit
48747NYUChristopher GibsonNY1911:00 AMLindsey AtiyehMeeting with Rebecca ShawEdit
48745NYUNita LoweyNew York172:15 PMLindsey AtiyehMeeting with Staffperson Dana MillerEdit
49138Ohio StateSteve ChabotOhio 9:30Spencer Tepe Edit
49139Ohio StateRobert LattaOhio 10:00Spencer Tepe Edit
49141Ohio StateDavid P. JoyceOhio 9:30Spencer Tepe Edit
49142Ohio StatePat TiberiOhio 10:00Spencer Tepe Edit
49143Ohio StateBob GibbsOhio 9:30Spencer Tepe Edit
49144Ohio StateChris CooperOhio 9:30Spencer Tepe Edit
49145Ohio StateTim RyanOhio 10:00Spencer Tepe Edit
48889OHSUSenator WydenOregon 10:00 AMJeff Sirginson221 Dirksen SOBEdit
48890OHSURepresentative BonamiciOregon111:45 AMJeff Sirginson439 Cannon HOBEdit
48891OHSURepresentative SchraderOregon51:30 PMJeff Sirginson2431 Rayburn HOBEdit
48892OHSURepresentative DefazioOregon42:00 PMJeff Sirginson2134 Rayburn HOBEdit
48893OHSUSenator MerkleyOregon 2:30 PMJeff Sirginson313 Hart SOBEdit
49165OklahomaTom CottonARSenate12:00pmMatt BridgesWith TennesseeEdit
49160OklahomaJames LankfordOKSenate10:30amMatt Bridgesbasement of Dirksen, room number is B40CEdit
49161OklahomaSteve RussellOK52:00pmMatt Bridges128 Cannon HouseEdit
49162OklahomaMarkwayne MullinOK23:00pmMatt Bridges1113 Longworth House Edit
49163OklahomaSteve WomackAR310:30amMatt Bridges1119 Longworth HOBEdit
49175OklahomaFrank LucasOklahoma3rd11:30Tristan Hudson2405 Rayburn, (202) 225-5565Edit
49177OklahomaJim BridenstineOklahomaTulsa9:30Justin Young202-225-2211Edit
49157PacificDoug LaMalfaCA211:45 a.m.Steven Truman322 CHOB Colleen McGowanEdit
49158PacificBarbara LeeCA1312:30 p.m.Steven Truman2267 RHOB Andrew GoodwinEdit
49159PacificBarbara BoxerCA 1:30 p.m.Steven Truman112 Hart Bldg, Tom RiveraEdit
48759PacificJackie SpeierCA1411 a.m.Steven Truman2465 RHOB Molly Fishman - Legislative AssistantEdit
49169RosemanSenator Mike LeeUT 9:15Matt Benderw/Jordan Hess & Trevor Hoyt. 361A Russell Senate Office BuildingEdit
49170RosemanRep. Mia LoveUTUT-411:00Matt Benderw/ Michael Squires. 217 Cannon House Office BuildingEdit
49171RosemanSenator Orin HatchUT 12:00Matt Benderw/ Matthew Richardson. 104 Hart Senate Office BuildingEdit
49172RosemanRep. Jason ChaffetzUTUT-32:00Matt Benderw/ Parker Erickson. 2236 Rayburn House Office BuildingEdit
48734RutgersAlbio SiresNJ8th10:00AMMark OppenheimMeeting with StaffEdit
49111RutgersRodney FrelinghuysenNJ11th District11:00 AMMark OppenheimMeeting with StaffEdit
49016San AntonioJohn CulbersonTexasTX-0711:00amDavid FaltysMeeting with StaffEdit
49017San AntonioMike ConawayTexasTX-1112:15pmDavid FaltysMeeting with StaffEdit
48769San AntonioMichael BurgessTexasTx-269:30amDavid Faltys Edit
49176San AntonioPete SessionsTX321:00pmDavid Faltys Edit
49168Stony Brook Lee ZeldinNYNY-110:00 am Christopher Pellicano Edit
48771Tufts UniversityKatherine ClarkMA5th10amMandy Alamwalawith David BondEdit
48926UABRepresentative RogersAlabama310:00 AMJenna BurkeHaley WilsonEdit
48927UABSenator ShelbyAlabama 11:00 AMJenna BurkeDayne CutrellEdit
48928UABSenator SessionsAlabama 11:30 AMJenna Burke Edit
48929UABRepresentative SewellAlabama71:00 PMJenna BurkeHillary BeardEdit
48930UABRepresentative PalmerAlabama62:30 PMJenna Burke Edit
48931UABRepresentative RobyAlabama22:30 PMJenna Burke Edit
48932UABRepresentative BrooksAlabama53:30 PMJenna BurkeAnalyse KellerEdit
48933UABRepresentative GosarAZ44:30 PMJenna Burke Edit
49119UCLALofgren, ZoeCalifornia1911amRyan EvansWith Healthcare Aide 1401 LHOBEdit
49120UCLACárdenas, TonyCalifornia291015 amRyan Evanswith Congressman Cárdenas 1510 LHOBEdit
49121UCLATester, JohnMontana 1030 amRyan EvansWith LC 311 HartEdit
49122UCLAWaters, MaxineCalifornia431030 amRyan EvansWith staff member Taylor 236 CHOBEdit
48776UCLAFarr, SamCalifornia2011amRyan EvansWith Congressman Farr 1126 LHOBEdit
48777UCLAValadao, DavidCalifornia211030Ryan EvansWith Congressman Valadao 1004 LHOBEdit
48778UCLACapps, LoisCalifornia241030Ryan EvansStaff member 2231 RHOBEdit
48779UCLASchiff, AdamCalifornia2810Ryan EvansWIth Sr Legislative Ast 2411 RHOBEdit
48780UCLASherman, BradCalifornia3012Ryan Evanswith Congressman Sherman 2242 RHOBEdit
48781UCLAHahn, JaniceCalifornia4412Ryan Evans Edit
48782UCLARaúl LabradorIdaho1 Ryan Evanswith LD 1523 LHOBEdit
48772UConnJoe CourtneyCT2nd10amLane Mahoney2348 RayburnEdit
49132UCSFMike ThompsonCA512:30PMCassie TruongStaff Member 231 CHOBEdit
49133UCSFAmi BeraCA711:45AMCassie Truong1535 LHOBEdit
49134UCSFJerrry McNerneyCA91:15PMCassie Truong2265 RHOBEdit
49135UCSFMark DeSaulnierCA1112:15PMCassie Truong327 CHOBEdit
49136UCSFNancy PelosiCA1212:15PMCassie Truong233 CHOBEdit
49137UCSFEric SwalwellCA159:30PMCassie Truong129 CHOBEdit
48806UDMRep LevinMI911:30Jordan KomyathyWith LA Corey MalmgrenEdit
48807UDMRep DingellMI121:00Jordan KomyathyWith LD Greg SunstrumEdit
48808UDMRep ConyersMI1310:30Jordan Komyathy Edit
48738UICDanny DavisIL71:30- 2PMYale Choycho41@uic.eduEdit
48798University of IowaSenator GrassleyIA 3:15pmZack Goettsche135 Hart Senate Office BuildingEdit
48799University of IowaRep. YoungIA 1:30pmZack Goettsche515 CannonEdit
48936University of IowaRep. KingIA 12:00 pmZack Goettsche2210 Rayburn Office BuildingEdit
48997University of PennsylvaniaSenator Robert Casey JrPA 10:30 AMRebekkah Merrell Edit
48998University of PennsylvaniaSenator Patrick ToomeyPA 10:30 AMRebekkah Merrell Edit
48999University of PennsylvaniaChaka FattahPA21:00 PMNancy Shen2301 RayburnEdit
49000University of PennsylvaniaScott PerryPA412:00 PMNancy Shen1207 LongworthEdit
49001University of PennsylvaniaRyan CostelloPA69:30 AMNancy Shen427 CannonEdit
49002University of PennsylvaniaMichael FitzpatrickPA81:30 PMNancy Shen2400 Rayburn, Meeting with CongressmanEdit
49003University of PennsylvaniaTom MarinoPA1011:00 AMNancy Shen410 CannonEdit
49004University of PennsylvaniaCharles DentPA152:30 PMNancy Shen2211 RayburnEdit
49005University of PennsylvaniaJoesph PittsPA1610:30 AMNancy Shen420 CannonEdit
49006University of PennsylvaniaMatthew CartwrightPA1712:30 PMNancy Shen1419 LongworthEdit
49022University of TennesseeBob CorkerTN411:00 AMJim HollingsworthMeeting with healthcare staffers Jenifer Healy and James TatgenhorstEdit
49023University of TennesseeBob Corker & Lamar AlexanderTN49:30 AMJim HollingsworthTennessee Tuesday - Breakfast with the SenatorsEdit
49024University of TennesseeTom CottonAR412:00 PMJim HollingsworthMeeting with Senator Tom CottonEdit
49125University of WashingtonPatty MurrayWashingtonSenator10amEmily Yepez Edit
49126University of WashingtonSuzan Del BeneWashington12Emily YepezMeeting with Casey KatimsEdit
49127University of WashingtonDan NewhouseWashington23:15Emily YepezMeeting with Stephanie KatzEdit
49128University of WashingtonDan NewhouseWashington22:30 pmEmily YepezMeeting with Stephanie KatzEdit
49129University of WashingtonRick LarsenWashington43:15 pmEmily Yepez Edit
49130University of WashingtonDerek KilmerWashington62:45 pmEmily YepezLauren Kuhn of HSDM Edit
49147University of WashingtonDanny HeckWashington1011:30 amEmily YepezMeeting with Larkin CorriganEdit
48751UNMCSenator Deb FischerNebraska43rd9:00aKate Olenich383 RussellEdit
48752UNMCCongressman Jeff FortenberryNebraska1st11:30aKate Olenich Edit
48754West Virginia UniversityCongressman Evan JenkinsWV3rd3:00pmKerri SimpsonLegislative AssistantEdit
48755West Virginia UniversitySenator Manchin WV 13th10am Kerri SimpsonLegislative Assistant Edit
48756West Virginia UniversityCongressman McKinley WV 12:00pmKerri SimpsonLegislative AssistantEdit
48761West Virginia UniversitySenator Capito WV 2nd10:30 AM Kerri SimpsonLegislative AssistantEdit
49149WesternUNorma TorresCA3512:30Tracy NgoWith Legislative Director, Grant KerrEdit

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