Blair Dieterlen

First Impression - Predental

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Chapter: Member of OU Pre-Dental Club

Graduation Year: 2021

Blair Dieterlen

Why do you want to be a dentist? Both my father and my grandfather were dentists, so my whole life I’ve grown up around dentistry. I saw how much joy dentistry brought them, and as I got older and spent more time helping at my dad’s office, I saw how much joy a dentist could bring to their patients. Whether they were relieving their patient of a painful toothache, or helping their patient feel more confident with their smile, I have seen how fulfilling it is to be a dentist. In fact, I have seen a few patients who were moved to tears after a dental procedure because they were so happy with the results; I want to be able to provide this joy for someone else, just as I have seen my dad and grandfather do for their patients. This service aspect of dentistry is a huge reason I want to be a dentist, but I also really enjoy the creative and dexterous aspects of dentistry that are required to do many dental procedures. This is appealing to me because I have always loved working with my hands (wood carving has been my recent hobby). Finally, I love how each day as a dentist is different, I will never do the exact same procedures in a day, with the exact same patients, which will keep me on my toes and curious of what the next day has to offer.

What are you most excited about for dental school? I am most excited for the people I will meet in dental school. I believe that dental school attracts service oriented and kind people, who are creative and intelligent, so I am really looking forward to being surrounded by individuals who have all of these characteristics that I value. Being a part of such a great community, and making life-long friends, will not only be enjoyable, it will also be an opportunity for me to grow as a person.

In addition to this, I am also looking forward to the hand-skills I will learn in dental school. I have tried waxing teeth with my dad’s supplies from when he was in dental school, and I found it very fun and relaxing. I am excited to learn and perfect all of the hand-skills required for dentistry.

Why do you think you’ll make a good dentist? The number one reason I think I will make a good dentist is because of how much I care for others. I know I will always make my patients the number one priority, and I will comfort them when they are worried. I have seen that so much of my dad’s success as a dentist has come from his ability to prioritize the patient by making them feel comfortable and cared for. Also, because I am good with my hands, and I am detail-oriented, I will be able to perform the dental procedures well, with minimal difficulty, and I will be able to produce aesthetically pleasing results that the patients will appreciate.

Share one thing on your bucket list: The number one item on my bucket list is to donate $1 million to charity within my lifetime. I recently took my first small step towards achieving this goal by donating $2,100 that I fundraised for my 21st birthday. The money was donated to Good Shepherd, a dental and medical clinic I volunteer at that is committed to providing consistent and quality dental and medical services for vulnerable members in our community.