WM_IGpromoWellness Month Step Challenge 
When:  September 2019
Dimensions: Physical

This year with the support of Great-West Financial®, ASDA’s Wellness Month Step Challenge will enable some friendly individual and chapter competition. 

We are encouraging all ASDA members to get involved directly and log their steps weekly. Note steps using any device and then enter them weekly in the easy online form. 

You may participate one week or all four weeks. Individual winners will be announced on the following Monday. Each week the high stepper will win a $50 gift card and an ASDA water bottle.

We will post a leader board to help you achieve your goals.

At the end of September we will award two chapter prizes: highest chapter average by total membership and highest chapter average across those participating from each chapter. The winning chapters will receive a $250 gift card.

Week 1 Top Stepper:

Evan Hamamoto, Colorado:
148,803 steps

Week 2 Top Stepper:

Evan Hamamoto, Colorado: 169,353 steps

Week 3 Top Stepper:

Meg Dinkel, Colorado:  182,928 steps

Week 4 Top Stepper:

Thu Hoang, Midwestern-Illinois:  213,235 steps

Past challenges:
Learn a new skill before the end of summer - August 2019
July_WCChallenge 46 (August 2019)
Goal: Learn a new skill before the end of summer
When:  August 2019
Dimensions: Intellectual

This month's Wellness Challenge is to learn a new skill not related to clinical dentistry. Find something that you've been meaning to work on and invest in yourself this month. Let us know what you choose to do by sharing it with @dentalstudents and tagging #BeWellASDA.

Some ideas for skills you can learn:

  • How to build a personal website
  • How to live on a fixed budget 
  • How to give a moving public presentation
Make a simple change…see a big difference - July 2019
July-WCChallenge 45 (July 2019)
Goal: Make a simple change…see a big difference
When:  July 2019
Dimensions: Physical

“Lifehack is a place where you can find answers to all the questions in your life. Answers that you can actually act on to make a change. We do this by taking the complicated and breaking it down into the simple. We help you face down challenges that seem insurmountable and transform them into possibilities that are actionable.” ~ Leon Ho, Founder and CEO, Lifehack

ASDA’s July Wellness Challenge to keep it simple. Choose a small change from this list on Lifehack.org (or another resource) and commit to it for the month of July. You will be surprised at the difference it makes. For fun, pick a number randomly and work on that item for the month of July.

Next steps:
  • Sound off on @dentalstudents to share your successes and talk about your hurdles. Don’t forget to tag #BeWellASDA

ASDA's Wellness Initiative is generously supported by: