ASDA’s monthly Wellness Challenges ask you to change your behavior in a way that will positively affect your wellness. Each challenge varies in length and activity, but the goal is the same: to get you paying more attention to your well-being and developing good wellness habits. Each challenge will target one (or more) of ASDA’s five dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational and environmental.

Each month, we’ll preview a new challenge in Word of Mouth. You can sign on to the challenge on ASDA’s Facebook page and play along with your fellow students. Choose your own start date, and then let us know if you successfully completed that month’s challenge.

July-WCChallenge 45 (July 2019)
Goal: Make a simple change…see a big difference
When:  July 2019
Dimensions: Physical

“Lifehack is a place where you can find answers to all the questions in your life. Answers that you can actually act on to make a change. We do this by taking the complicated and breaking it down into the simple. We help you face down challenges that seem insurmountable and transform them into possibilities that are actionable.” ~ Leon Ho, Founder and CEO, Lifehack

ASDA’s July Wellness Challenge to keep it simple. Choose a small change from this list on (or another resource) and commit to it for the month of July. You will be surprised at the difference it makes. For fun, pick a number randomly and work on that item for the month of July.

Next steps:
  • Sound off on @dentalstudents to share your successes and talk about your hurdles. Don’t forget to tag #BeWellASDA
Past challenges:
Discover the Animal Kingdom - June 2019
JuneWC_squareChallenge 44 (June 2019)
Goal: Discover the Animal Kingdom
When:  June 2019
Dimensions: Intellectual

This month’s challenge is inspired by a recent news item. Wellness is not a linear accomplishment. It is taking the time and spending the energy to use different muscle groups and parts of the brain – knowing that it is all inter-related. This is an easy but fun one. Maybe it will be the start of a whole new hobby or goal. 

Read up on news regarding a favorite (or feared) animal (perhaps, the albino panda). Dig in – discover 2-3 facts that you can keep in your pocket for networking conversations. Maybe it’s their teeth or jaw – but maybe it’s something else. Understand their habitat and position in the food chain. Consider a trip to see one. Post your favorite fact on Instagram. National Geographic, Smithsonian and Science magazine are great places to start your investigation. 

Next steps:
  • Post your favorite animal fact with #BeWellASDA
Share a dish with friends - May 2019
MayWC_1080Challenge 43 (May 2019)
Goal: Share a dish with friends
When:  May chapter meeting or date of your choosing
Dimensions: emotional and physical

“A smiling face is half the meal.” – Latvian proverb

Your May wellness challenge is to share a healthy and delicious dish with friends. Tell a story about your dish: Where did you learn the recipe? Is it something you enjoyed as a child? Ask questions about someone else’s dish, too. The time spent planning and enjoying a balanced meal with friends will support your immune system – something that is extra important during these last few weeks of the academic term.

Read more about emotional wellness and physical wellness.

Next steps:
  • Invite your chapter members to bring a favorite healthy dish to share.
  • Ask them send you a link to the recipe in advance so they can be available to anyone who wants to recreate the dish later.
  • Be sure they each bring a card with all the ingredients to put in front of the dish so that people with food allergies or preferences may enjoy the meal safely.
  • Share your thoughts on social media with #BeWellASDA.

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