Casey Gringer, predental

Casey-GringerI knew I wanted to be a dentist when I shadowed my personal dentist. During my senior year of high school, I was attending a magnet school called Governor’s School for Science and Technology. Through this program, I was required to do a mentorship project in a health professional field. Witnessing my dentist’s interpersonal skills with his patients and how much he enjoyed the profession is when my passion began. 
Choosing the right dental school is pertinent. A lot of factors will come into my decision when applying on June 1 (my 22nd birthday). My brother attends Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and encouraged me to select a school that aligns with my goals as a dentist, as each dental school has a unique focus. As a Virginia resident, out-of-state cost is terrifying. Therefore, in addition to applying to dental school this summer, I will be applying to the Army’s HPSP scholarship. 

The application process is overwhelming. It is unbelievable to imagine that everything I have done in the past four years of my undergraduate career is for this moment. Thankfully, I have supportive friends and family to guide me through this process. 
I’m looking forward to traveling! The amount of time spent towards exams, community service and research has left me mentally exhausted. During my gap year, I plan on getting a part-time job to fund my exploration of various intercontinental cultures. 
I’m anxious about interviews. Most dental schools receive thousands of applicants competing for an average class size of one hundred students. With these immense stakes in mind, one must not be apprehensive when it comes to communication. It will be important to focus mostly on the discussion than the evaluation aspect of the interview. 
Being an ASDA member is rewarding. The American Student Dental Association gave me a purpose. I know this may sound cliché, but attending local and national meetings drove my desire to be involved in organized dentistry. Also, I am interested in licensure/legislation and by just being an ASDA member you receive advocacy briefs that allow you to become more informed on the complexities of the dental profession. The information gained from ASDA will allow me to be better prepared for the interview process and to be a more competent dentist. 

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