Ryan McCormick, Oregon '19

Ryan-McCormickMy favorite part of second year has been patient care. At OHSU starting spring term of second year, we get our own comprehensive care patients which has been a great experience. We also have had a lot of time this year to hang out in clinic and get great patient experiences.
The biggest difference between first and second year is that in second year, we spend a lot of time in the sim clinic learning and honing our skills. In contrast, we spent a lot of time in didactic classes in first year. It has been a big difference doing dentistry instead of listening to lecture all the time.
The biggest challenge of second year is time management for sim lab work. It has been such a great transition from sitting in lecture to being in the sim clinic and rotations in clinic. But not having that extra free time to work on projects is hard.  
I wish I had known to take more advantage of the amazing faculty that we have at OHSU. They have such a vast knowledge bank about what direction to hold your hand piece or how to wax this more efficiently and so much more. I find myself catching tricks from them that I might have picked up a year ago and been ahead of where I am now.
The most rewarding experience in D2 has been being a part of ASDA. It sounds cliche or like a pitch, but the people in this organization are amazing. I can truly say I have made lifelong friendships while being a part an organization that works for my peers across the country.

My involvement with ASDA has helped me grow immensely both as a leader and as a person. I hope to continue to grow as a dental student and an ASDA leader in the years to come.

Brandon Le and his classmate David Ho, both Midwestern-Arizona ’18, collaborated to create the winning D2 video in ASDA’s 2015 “Day in the Life” video contest.