Paul Dado Kim, Virginia '18

Paul-KimTo prepare for the transition to the clinic, I got a clinic manual in which I detailed step by step each appointment session. Until I got used to the clinic, I also reviewed my patient's case the night before, which mentally prepared me. 
My favorite part of third year is to finally be able to treat patients. I feel so accomplished and rewarded to see a patient out of pain or to have their smile back. D1 and D2 years led up to this moment to prepare me to deliver oral health care to the community.
Over the past year, I have learned that learning is a life-long process. As new technologies and materials are developed and made, it is important to keep updated to serve the community's health.
The most challenging part of third year is to handle classes, clinic sessions, lab works, research and school organizations. It has been a very tiring year both physically and emotionally, but I have gotten used to the lifestyle now as I get more efficient with my time management.
The most rewarding part of third year is when you are finally able to give smiles back to patients and take them out of the pain. They are very appreciative, and that keeps me motivated.
I wish I had known that there is no more spring break starting D3.
A typical day in D3 includes setting up the operatory before class at 8 a.m. A morning clinic session until lunch at noon. I eat lunch with my friends to catch up. Then, an afternoon clinic session from 1:30 to 5 p.m. 
Stephen Raines, Tennessee ’17, created the winning D3 video in ASDA’s 2015 “Day in the Life” video contest.