Chapters that are limited by their resources may be unable to effectively use digital tools to communicate with members or to recruit non-members (including predentals). To help chapters communicate effectively with members, ASDA introduced this chapter technology grant.

Purpose of the Grant
This grant is intended to help chapters use advanced communication tools by supplementing funding to purchase equipment or software needed for video production, websites, mobile apps and more.  A pool of $1,800 will be distributed to chapters to improve technology advances. Chapters may receive all or some portion of their requested amount, depending on the number of applicants, reasonability of the request and need. 
Criteria and eligibility 
  • Grant money should be used to subsidize the costs related to communication, website, media or publication expenses. The chapter should budget for additional costs, as the total cost may exceed the grant amount given. Grant money is intended for, but not limited to: 
    • Camera equipment
    • Video editing software
    • Website software, domain registration, developer fees
    • Publication design software
    • App store developer fees. Chapters should budget for yearly developer fees to maintain any apps launched. Any funds that remain at the conclusion of the application launch should be allocated toward these costs. Funds cannot be used to create district or special event apps.
    • Hiring someone to design a logo, app or newsletter layout. 
  • Equipment or software should be positioned to reach both members and potential members (including predentals) and have a clear vision for the purchase and use of equipment, installation and perpetuation of software, launch and/or maintenance of app, and continued use or application of any other technology purchased by funds supplied by this grant.
  • The technology should allow information about your local ASDA chapter and national ASDA to be communicated, including but not limited to: mission statement, membership benefits, issues facing dental students, chapter and national events, and chapter/national leadership opportunities.

Deadlines and Important Dates 

  • Jan. 10, 2018: Applications due to ASDA Central Office
  • March 5, 2018: Grant recipients will be notified
  • March 2018: Grant checks distributed
  • July 2018: Check-in with Council on Communications chair (there will be additional check-ins with the Council on Communications based on timelines included with this application)
  • Sept. 1, 2018: Chapter technology must be in use by this date

Helpful resources:

2018 Grant Recipients

  • Case Western
  • Creighton
  • Tennessee
  • Utah