Brainy expedition (Dec. Wellness Challenge)

December 1 to 31, 2018

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Nov_WC_1080Challenge 38 (December 2018) 
Goal:  Brainy expedition
When: A day in December
Dimensions: Intellectual

As the year winds down, the last thing you may want to think about on your well-deserved break is learning something new. But giving your brain something different to think about – something unrelated to dentistry – is a great way to stay sharp and boost intellectual wellness.

Intellectual wellness improves when we engage in creative and mentally stimulating activities. It relies on nurturing curiosity and lifelong learning. It supports what you learn in the classroom every day, helps you think more critically and be open to new experiences.

The December challenge asks you to spend a day flexing your curiosity at a museum or gallery. Pick one day (or more!) this month and take a field trip. From world-famous institutions to lesser-known novelties, there are countless places to choose from, each with their own unique offerings. You’ll find everything from art to space travel, from archaeology to antique cars. Museums offer a place to get inspired, spark conversation and contemplate human achievement.

Read more about intellectual wellness.

Next steps:  

  • RSVP to our challenge event on Facebook 
  • Pick a day in December, and head to a museum, gallery or cultural institution of your choice. Learn something new that has nothing to do with dentistry.
  • Snap a photo of yourself with something new and memorable, and share on social media with #BeWellASDA.