Share a dish with friends (May Wellness Challenge)

May 1 to 31, 2019

MayWC_1080Challenge 43 (May 2019)
Goal: Share a dish with friends
When:  May chapter meeting or date of your choosing
Dimensions: emotional and physical

“A smiling face is half the meal.” – Latvian proverb

Your May wellness challenge is to share a healthy and delicious dish with friends. Tell a story about your dish: Where did you learn the recipe? Is it something you enjoyed as a child? Ask questions about someone else’s dish, too. The time spent planning and enjoying a balanced meal with friends will support your immune system – something that is extra important during these last few weeks of the academic term.

Read more about emotional wellness and physical wellness.

Next steps:
  • Invite your chapter members to bring a favorite healthy dish to share.
  • Ask them send you a link to the recipe in advance so they can be available to anyone who wants to recreate the dish later.
  • Be sure they each bring a card with all the ingredients to put in front of the dish so that people with food allergies or preferences may enjoy the meal safely.
  • Share your thoughts on social media with #BeWellASDA.