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Every year, ASDA and the ADA take to Capitol Hill to meet with our legislators and discuss specific issues and bills that affect the dental profession. Below are the issues we’ll be discussing at the 2022 Lobby Day.

Student Loan Refinancing Act
H.R. 2160

This legislation would allow borrowers to refinance federal student loans more than once, so they can take advantage of lower interest rates.

Resident Education Deferred Interest (REDI) Act
H.R. 4122/S. 3658

This legislation would allow medical and dental residents to defer their student loans, interest-free, during residency.

Medicaid Dental Benefit Act of 2021
S. 3166/H.R. 4439

This legislation would require comprehensive dental care for adults to be part of all state Medicaid programs.

Dental and Optometric Care (DOC) Access Act of 2021
S. 1793/H.R. 3461

This legislation would prevent dental and vision insurers from dictating the fees that participating doctors may charge for services not covered by the insurer.

Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act (ELSA)
S. 754/H.R. 1916

This legislation would require all private group and individual health plans to cover the medically necessary services resulting from a congenital anomaly or birth defect.