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Breakout Session Presentations

Download presentations from NLC ’17 below. Click the title of a session to view the materials. (This page only includes those presentations that were made available by conference speakers. Some speakers did not submit their presentations for sharing.)

Friday, November 17

10 – 10:50 a.m.
The Art of Networking   (Leadership Fundamentals)
Dr. Ken Randall, Kentucky '12, 2011-12 vice president
How to Get into a Residency     (Career Planning)
Dr. Ben Youel, Illinois ’13, 2011-12 district 7 trustee
Dr. Brittany Dean, Washington ’12, 2011-12 vice president
Cultural Competency in Dentistry    (Personal Development and Wellness)
Dr. Brittany Seymour, Assistant Professor at Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Managing Chapter Finances       (ASDA Chapter Management)
Ellen Ryan, ASDA director of finance and administration
Christine Chen, Washington ’19, district 10 trustee

Admissions Panel    (Predental)
11:10 a.m. – noon
How to Love the Heck out of Dentistry    (Leadership Fundamentals)
Dr. Dawn Wehking, MAGD
Debt Management         (Career Planning)
Jason DiLorenzo, Founder of Doctors Without Quarters, speaking on behalf of SoFi

Dr. Brett Kessler, past president, Colorado Dental Association
Effective Resource Management    (ASDA Chapter Management)
Danielle Marciniak-Brambila, Roseman ’18, vice president
What to Expect Your First Year of Dental School     (Predental)
John Luke Andrew, Colorado '18, district 9 trustee
Roopali Kulkarni, Pennsylvania '19, district 3 trustee
Justine Bednarski, Ohio State '18, district 6 trustee
1:30 – 2:20 p.m.
Dr. Mike Meru, Southern California '09, 2008-09 president
Non-Traditional Post-Grad Options: Military, Academia and Community Health    (Career Planning)
Dr. David Dean
Dr. Tyler Rumple, Washington ’14, 2013-14 vice president
Dr. Andrew Welles, Marquette ’15, 2013-14 district 6-7 legislative coordinator
Creating a Personal Development Plan    (Personal Development and Wellness)
Dr. Kristopher Mendoza, Los Angeles '15, 2014-15 president
Running a Gold Crown Chapter    (ASDA Chapter Management)
Danielle Bauer, director of membership and marketing
Sarah Fodor, Marquette ’18, chair, Council on Membership
Show Me the Money       (Predental)
Jason DiLorenzo, Founder of Doctors Without Quarters, speaking on behalf of SoFi
Craig McKenzie, Pennsylvania '21
Andrew Horbaly, VCU '21
2:40 – 3:30 p.m.
Pedestrian to Patient
Sponsored by Aspen Dental
Dr. Brian Boston

Become the Go-To Dentist or Get Ghosted
Sponsored by MedPro
Dr. David Rice, igniteDDS

Great Hacks for Better Eating on a Budget
Sponsored by Great West Financial
Sue Hoss, co-owner of Main Dish Media

Continuing Education is Not Simply a Weekend Course! Heartland Dental and the Partnership with Dentsply
Sponsored by Heartland Dental
Bryan Kash, account manager for Dentsply
3:45 – 4:35 p.m.
Finding a Great Mentor      (Leadership Fundamentals)
Dr. Tim Calnon, Buffalo ’13, 2011-12 District 2 Trustee
Dr. Bill Calnon, president, ADA Foundation
Practice Negotiations and Contracts     (Career Planning)
Charles Loretto, Cain Watters
Life Hacks and Habits to Energize and Improve your Day     (Personal Development and Wellness)
Dr. Alan Mead, chairman, Michigan Dental Association Care and Well-Being Committee
How to Grow Your Chapter (and Yourself) Through Social Media    (ASDA Chapter Management)
Patrick Anghel, Detroit Mercy
Michelle Szewczyk, Detroit Mercy

Ethics Debate     (Predental)
Dr. Mike Meru, Southern California ’09, 2008-09 president 

Saturday, November 18

9:15 – 10:05 a.m.
Dr. Greg Sabino, Stony Brook '16, 2015-16 editor in chief

A 'Hands-on’ Lesson in CV Writing       (Career Planning)
Dr. Colleen Greene, Harvard ’13, 2012-13 president

Ergonomics – Set Yourself up for a Lifetime of Healthy Practice      (Personal Development and Wellness)
Timothy J. Caruso, MBA, MS, PT, Cert MDT, CEAS

Partnering With Your Administration   (ASDA Chapter Management)
Danielle Marciniak-Brambila, Roseman ’18, vice president, and Dr. Jordan Telin, Buffalo ’17, 2016-17 vice president 
Writing for Success     (Predental)
Stephen Rogers, Buffalo ’18, editor-in-chief 
10:30 – 11:20 a.m.
Tools and Technology: What Helped me Find Success as a New Dentist
Sponsored by Pacific Dental

Laser Assisted Dentistry: One More Tool!
Sponsored by AGD
Dr. Bruce Cassis, chairperson for the AGD Membership Council

The Key to Great Leadership
Sponsored by Koolsmiles/Benevis
Nichole Thompson, VP of HR at Benevis Corporation

Giving Back Through Give Kids a Smile
Dr. William Calnon, president, ADA Foundation (moderator)
Dr. Kelly Cundy, member, ADA Foundation's GKAS National Committee; pediatric dental resident, Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Adam Saltz, MPH, GKAS Institute Ambassador; periodontics resident, UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry
1 – 1:50 p.m.
How to Not Fail Miserably in Private Practice    (Leadership Fundamentals)
Dr. Chris Salierno, Stony Brook '05, 2004-05 president
Building Your Personal Brand    (Career Planning)
Dr. Ryan Dulde, Marquette ’11, 2010-11 speaker of the house 
Managing and Dealing With Dental Guilt    (Personal Development and Wellness)
Dr. Nipa Thakkar, Temple ’12, 2011-12 district 3 trustee 
Chapter Partnership with State and Local Dental Associations   (ASDA Chapter Management)
Dr. Christain Piers, Colorado '16, 2015-16 president
Sara Perrone, Buffalo '18, chair, Council on Professional Issues
Eddie Ramirez, Oregon '18 

Hands-on Tooth Impressions & Chalk Carving Workshop     (Predental)
Craig McKenzie, Pennsylvania '21, 2016-17 predental consultant, and Jeffrey Kerst, Louisiana ‘19, district 5 trustee
2:10 – 3 p.m.
Creating Magic With Your Dental Team    (Leadership Fundamentals)
Dr. Alex Otto, Virginia '13, 2012-13 vice president
Licensure 101    (Career Planning)
Dr. Christian Piers, Colorado ’16, 2015-16 president  
Establishing Credibility for New Practitioners    (Personal Development and Wellness)
Dr. Adam Shisler, Texas-Houston '12, 2011-12 president
Running an Advocacy Event    (ASDA Chapter Management)
Dr. James Wanamaker,  Buffalo '16, 2015-16 chair, Council on Advocacy, and Stephanie Follett, ASDA senior manager, advocacy and policy
Dr. Colleen Greene, Harvard ’13, 2012-13 president
Craig McKenzie, Pennsylvania ’21, 2016-17 predental consultant 

Sunday, November 19

8:20 – 9:10 a.m.
Leading With Your Strengths     (Leadership Fundamentals)
Dr. David Lindsey
Mastering Your Associate Interview     (Career Planning)
Dr. James Wanamaker, Buffalo '16, 2015-16 chair, Council on Advocacy
Suicide: Recognizing the Signs and How to Help    (Personal Development and Wellness)
Emily Voelkel, PhD
Developing a Chapter Mobile Application   (ASDA Chapter Management)
Lynna Van, Oklahoma '19 
Uzma Hajiyani, Oklahoma '19 
DAT What You Need to Know     (Predental)
Andrew Horbaly, VCU '21
The DAT: Refining Your Strategy     (Predental) 
Joy Nisnisan, University of Houston '16
Sachi Mehrotra, Los Angeles '19 
9:30 – 10:20 a.m.
Public Speaking Training     (Leadership Fundamentals)
Dr. Chris Salierno, Stony Brook ’05, 2004-05 president

Women in Dentistry: How to Manage the Challenges of Career and Family     (Career Planning)
Dr. Brooke Elmore, Texas-San Antonio ’07, 2006-07 president
Dr. Alex Otto, Virginia ’13, 2012-13 vice president
Dr. Niv Rajagopalan, Midwestern-Illinois ’16, 2015-16 vice president 

Creating a Vision All the Way Through to an Actionable Plan     (ASDA Chapter Management)
Dr. Dan Hammer, Pacific ’11, 2010-11 district 11 trustee

Social Wellness and Relationships    (Personal Development and Wellness)
Dr. Michelle Montero, clinical psychologist, Alchemy Performance Consulting

Improving Your Predental Chapter or Club      (Predental) 
Joy Nisnisan, University of Houston '16
Craig McKenzie, Pennsylvania '21
Andrew Horbaly, VCU '21

Dr. Kris Mendoza, Los Angeles ’15, 2014-15 president