ASDA Annual Session 2018 in Anaheim, February 21–24

Breakout Sessions

The primary goal of Annual Session is to afford ASDA’s House of Delegates a chance to meet and discuss policy issues for the coming year. That’s why House meetings take up a significant place on the agenda. But attendees will also have the opportunity to attend educational and networking sessions between meetings of the House. 

Friday, Feb. 23

Spotlight Sessions, 1:15 – 2:15 p.m. 
Debunk dental myths with evidence
Sponsored by the American Dental Association

If you only know one DSO, you know only one DSO
Sponsored by Association of Dental Support Organizations

How to survive and thrive with digital dentistry in the 21st century
Sponsored by Academy of General Dentistry

Landing your dream job: Rocking the interview
Sponsored by Pacific Dental Services
Chapter Stage Crew Idea Exchanges, 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. 
Activities and Wellness
Reaching out to membership through activities and wellness helps chapters elevate the dental school experience, improve student well-being and prepare members for their roles as dental professionals. How do we create value in our activities and make events shine? This session will allow students to share activity ideas, explore ways to expand programming and learn from other chapters’ challenges.

Learning objectives:
  1. Gain ideas for new activities to hold at their chapter.
  2. Explore how to troubleshoot future events.
  3. Incorporate wellness-focused activities into their chapter programming.
  4. Improve marketing and attendance at events.

Advocacy and Organized Dentistry

As dental students, several key issues take the spotlight, such as licensure, student debt, and midlevel providers. This exchange session will give members who are passionate about advocacy an opportunity to learn from other chapter, state, and national advocacy efforts and discuss the legislative concerns facing dental students. 

Learning objectives:
  1. Identify successful advocacy initiatives undertaken by chapters.
  2. Gain contacts at other chapters and districts to stay connected throughout the year.
  3. Explore resources available at the national level to assist chapters advocate for the interests and welfare of dental students.
  4. Discover what ASDA is advocating for nationally and how each chapter can help.

Membership Engagement and Communication

Digital communications on the chapter, district and national levels are what keep our membership together and engaged. This chapter exchange session will allow all ASDA leaders, social media enthusiasts and members

Learning objectives:
  1. Gain new ideas for successful communication initiatives, social media practices and methods to engage membership.
  2. Understand the impact communications can have on increasing the value of ASDA membership.
  3. Network with other chapter and district leaders to stay connected throughout the year.
  4. Learn about the resources available at the national level to assist chapters with communications and membership recruitment and retention. 


Planning exciting activities at your chapter will ensure your members are involved and engaged. Fundraising is a key component of running a successful and sustainable chapter. Attend this idea-sharing session and share your tips for fundraising and maximizing revenue. Bring your chapter’s best practices to share and learn about how other chapters are successful.

Learning objectives:
  1. Gain new fundraising ideas for their chapters.
  2. Collaborate with school administration official to hold successful fundraising events.
  3. Discover best practices for working with vendors.
  4. Make fundraising events appealing to your chapter membership.

Leadership and Organization

With chapters having 100% member turnover every four years, it is paramount to have an efficient and lasting system to train officers and create an environment for successful transition. Lack of organization, transfer of information and proper leadership training can leave many chapters starting from scratch every year. Learn how other chapters train their leaders, and share tips on successful transitions of leadership teams. Bring your chapter’s best practices to share and see what allows some ASDA chapters to maintain their strength and presence year after year. 

Learning objectives:
  1. Exchange ideas and tips on how to train and transition chapter leadership teams.
  2. Engage future leaders to keep your chapter strong and continue its growth.
  3. Learn how other chapters organize their teams, including what they found to be successful and what they needed to change.

Saturday, Feb. 24

Predental Workshop, 8 – 11 a.m. 
Admissions Stories
No matter what stage in the predental track you are in, deciding which dental school to attend is always a relevant question –and a challenging one that requires serious commitment. Every dental program is different, and some programs offer dual-degrees as well. In this session, dental students will share the stories of how they came to choose their programs, factors that influenced their decisions, and reflections on their decisions. This panel will also include students who have chosen to pursue a dual-degree dental program.

Learning Objectives:
  • What factors should influence your decision in choosing a school.
  • What questions to ask when researching dental schools. 
What I Wish I Knew Going Into Dental School
What is dental school actually like? How do you make the most of the resources provided at the dental program? In this session, dental students will share lessons they learned after entering the dental program.

Learning Objectives:
  • What to expect in your first year of dental school.
  • What are the most common misconceptions about your first year of dental school.
Interview Format 
Every dental school has a unique style of interviewing candidates, and it can be difficult knowing what to expect or how to prepare. In this session, presenters will describe the interview format of their school, potential questions, and characteristics that their school values.
Learning Objectives: 
  • The different types of interview formats.
  • What questions to prepare for.
  • What characteristics schools look for in a candidate.  
Mock Interviews
After learning about the various interview styles in the previous workshop, predental students will practice interviewing. Predental students will have the opportunity to practice responding to interview questions in a one-on-one setting and with a group.
Learning Objectives:
  • What kinds of interview questions to expect. 
  • How to respond to interview questions.
  • What interviewers are looking for in your responses. 
Spotlight Sessions, 9:15 – 9:45 a.m. 

Not your granddaddy's orthodontics

Sponsored by American Association of Orthodontists

Associateships: Finding the best fit for you

Sponsored by Aspen Dental

5 scenarios that lead to owning a successful practice
Sponsored by Cain Watters & Associates

From new grad to new dentist: Everything you wish you knew about life after dental school
Sponsored by Heartland Dental

Landing your dream job: Rocking your first six months
Sponsored by Pacific Dental Services

Lightning strikes, ransomware and electronic HIPAA violations
Sponsored by Professional Protector Plan for Dentists
Shine in the Biggest Role of Your Life Breakouts, 10 – 10:50 a.m. 
Advocacy in Action – Setting the Stage for Change
Putting advocacy in the spotlight and educating members on key issues in dentistry works to improve student engagement, but how do we create measurable change? Effective advocacy initiatives mobilize motivation into action and require coordination with legislators, state dental associations and school administrations. This session will give members strategies to set the stage for change at the state and national levels by increasing membership engagement, getting involved in their state dental associations and creating action plans for their chapters to play an active role in the future of the profession. The objective of this session is to inform members how to work with their state dental societies and other stakeholders to achieve legislative victories at the state level.
Learning objectives:
  1. Discover strategies to improve student engagement.
  2. Gain strategies for working with state dental societies in achieving both chapter and state legislative priorities.
  3. Emphasize calls to action in advocacy initiatives.
  4. Create a cohesive action plan for chapter advocacy efforts.

Alternative Careers in Dentistry

When most pursue the profession of dentistry, they think automatically of a clinician in private or group practice. But in actuality, many other applications of our degree exist. We will be introducing to you leaders in hospital, forensic, sports, sleep and prison dentistry to expand your scope of the versatile dental field and leave you better informed to make decisions after graduation.
Learning objectives:
  1. Define and illustrate four non-traditional applications of the dental degree.
  2. Provide tangible examples of the versatile nature of our degree and lend a broader scope to our profession.
  3. Make informed decisions concerning your career.

Dentistry at a Crossroads

The next generation of dental leaders will face a very different landscape than their predecessors. Our profession is in transition due to new dental practice models, increased debt loads and altered lifestyle preferences. Ongoing changes in health care policy and state fiscal challenges are causing increased cost pressures on the dental care delivery system, while also creating new opportunities for dental professionals. This presentation will show students how these changes will impact the profession and identify key points for strategic action to succeed in their future practice environment.
Learning objectives:
  1. Understand career growth earning potentials between privately owned practices and employee practices.
  2. Explore the relationship between health care policy changes and the landscape of the dental profession.
  3. Learn the steps to prepare to a transitioning dental practice environment.
  4. Make informed decisions for your career and evaluate career options.

Maximizing Earning Potential by Building Your Team Outside the Office

Dental students are trained in dentistry over the course of their dental education, but successful business concepts and running an office are not always included in the curriculum. Working in private practice will require understanding taxes, billing insurance companies and working with materials and equipment distributors. Aside from your normal health care team, you also need to learn to manage your “non-dental” team. This session helps you on how to find the right accountant, lawyer or other professionals to make your practice successful.
Learning objectives:
  1. Identify key players to add to your dental practice team that may be “non-dental” professionals.
  2. Understand the business component to running a successful dental practice.
  3. Know what resources are available and when to use them.
  4. Gain a better understanding of how these business relationships are an investment in your practice and your patients.

Running an Effective Chapter

Running an ASDA chapter can be as tough as it is rewarding.  Keep your team and your general membership energized throughout the year with ideas from our chapter leadership experts.  This breakout will cover how to lead your team, keep members active and engaged, work with administration and other student groups, and expand the activities of your chapter.
Learning objectives:
  1. Delegate and coach team members for optimum results.
  2. Work synergistically with administrators and other student organizations.
  3. Gauge the needs of your membership population.
  4. Gain new ideas to educate general members on the importance of ASDA.
  5. Create an ASDA culture at your chapter.