Balancing relationship wellness and dental school

September 20, 2017 at 7:30 PM

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Relationships with family and friends are crucial to one’s overall health. Yet when dental students and young professionals get immersed in preparing for their careers, these important relationships can be the first things to suffer. Learn ways to prioritize the vital relationships in your life while still achieving a satisfying career.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify steps necessary to establish and maintain a healthy relationship.
  2. Learn about healthy communication styles.
  3. Learn to identify and set appropriate boundaries.
Michelle-Montero-PsyDDr. Michelle Montero is a licensed clinical psychologist and sport and performance psychology consultant. She is the founder of Alchemy Performance Consulting, LLC. Dr. Montero provides individual, couples, family and group therapy dealing with a variety of challenges.  She has experience in a variety of settings ranging from outpatient therapy to inpatient and residential treatment facilities. Dr. Montero primarily works with emerging adults and adults dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, women’s wellness, relationships, sexuality and identity issues. Additionally, Dr. Montero specializes in sport and performance psychology including sport and exercise, performing arts and high risk/high pressure careers. 
This webinar is presented as part of the ASDA Wellness Initiative, which is generously supported by ADA student members insurance plans underwritten by Great-West Financial.  

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