Barriers to Care and Alternate Workforce Models

November 9, 2017 at 7:30 PM

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Barriers to care can leave patients with serious conditions that threaten their overall systemic health and quality of life. This webinar will host three dental professionals as they discuss mid-level providers and other alternative ways to address barriers to care. 

The panel comprises a public health dentist, a dental therapist and a community dental health coordinator. Each speaker will provide information on their place in the dental health care family. There will be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions after each panelist presentation.  
Dr. Burton Edelstein head shotDr. Burton L. Edelstein, MPH is a Board-certified pediatric dentist and Professor of Dental Medicine and Health Policy & Management at Columbia University where he chairs Population Oral Health in the College of Dental Medicine. He is Founding Director and Senior Fellow in Public Policy at the Children's Dental Health Project (, a DC-based organization that promotes governmental policies and programs to improve equity in children's oral health. His experience in private pediatric dental practice and organized dentistry; federal government service as a US Senate Staffer and U.S. Department of Health consultant; academe as a researcher, teacher, and administrator; and advocacy provides perspective on current and future oral health care delivery and financing. A graduate of Harpur College, SUNY Buffalo School of Dentistry, and the Harvard School of Public Health, he trained at SUNY Upstate Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital. His work has been recognized by associations of pediatric (AAPD) and public health dentistry (ASTDD, AAPHD, MSDA), dental students (ASDA), dental societies (ACD, ICD, CDS, CSDA); the dental research community (FNIDCR), foundations (Shils, NYSDAF, OHA) and educational groups (Maryland, Harvard, Columbia, ADEA).

MiQuel McRae head shotMiQuel McRae has been working in private practice as a dental hygienist for 16 years.  She resides in the rural town of Pima, AZ with her husband and their 5 children.  She was motivated to take the Community Dental Health Coordinator program after learning that her rural community ranks lowest in the state for children who have received dental care in the last year.  The program motivated her to leave private practice and enter the field of public dental health.  She founded Tooth B.U.D.D.S., Bringing Understanding of Dental Disease to Schools, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Tooth BUDDS is staffed by licensed Affiliated Practice Dental Hygienists who utilize teledentistry to match at-risk children who lack access to care with a dental provider.  Her favorite hobby is her family.  However, before becoming a mother, she was always in the rodeo arena and carried flags at the National Finals Rodeo for almost 10 years.

Jodi Becker: I've been a dental hygienist for 25 years. I returned to school and completed my Masters Degree in Advanced Dental therapy in 2014. After completing the required 2000 hours in the clinic with a dentist, I completed the credentialing process and became certified as an Advanced Dental therapist in January 2016.

I started with Children's Dental Services as a Collaborative Practice Dental Hygienist in 2011, providing preventive care in schools and in greater Minnesota.  After completing my MSADT, I worked as a dental therapist our Minneapolis clinic location. Since I have been certified as an Advanced Dental therapist, I provide care primarily off site in schools, Head Starts and in greater Minnesota. As a dually licensed provider (DH and ADT), I can provide both preventive and restorative care to those I see.