New Leader Training


ASDA developed training videos to help prepare new chapter presidents, treasurers and legislative liaisons for their roles. Current leaders share the goals and priorities, best practices and resources for their position. We encourage new leaders to watch the videos before starting their term. You can also find additional resources in our leadership toolbox.

Chapter PresidentWatch this video
Presidents, also known as delegates, serve the dual role of representing constituents in ASDA’s national policy-making body, the House of Delegates, and managing their local chapter. They also serve a pivotal role in the two-way flow of information between the national association and local chapter.

Legislative Liaison - Watch this video
Legislative liaisons (LL) serve to inform members of local, state and national legislative issues of interest to dental students and the profession. They organize grassroots initiatives, such as ADPAC membership drives, and educate members on ASDA advocacy initiatives.

Treasurer - Watch this video
Treasurers oversee the financial management of the chapter, including development of an annual budget, processing payments and reimbursements, monitoring expenses and completing paperwork for taxes and year end reconciliation.