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Council on Professional Issues

The Council on Professional Issues serves the association as a resource on dental practice administration and professional issues, such as ethics, barriers to care and public health. The council also reviews ASDA’s Code of Ethics.

 Current Members 

Name  Position  Chapter 
Andrew Naeger  Chair Houston
Alexandra Pierre-Bez  Council Associate Midwestern-Arizona
Chelsea Rajagopalan  Council Associate Rutgers
Jordan Telin  District 2 Trustee Buffalo
Nancy Honeycutt  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Past accomplishments:

  • The Council researched state associations that lacked ASDA representation and conducted follow-up to determine challenges to the chapter/state association relationship. State association contacts were updated.
  • The Council, working with the ADA Center for Professional Success, provided a resource with a high level review of dental insurance terms and scenarios. 
  • The Council chose ASDA chapters to receive grants based on established application and review processes. The grants supplement outreach programs with the intention of continuing from year to year.
  • Based on a chapter leader’s suggestions, the Council supported ASDA’s Sensitivity to Diversity policy by investigating the need for a diversity web page. The project will continue with the 2015-16 Council on Professional Issues.
  • Supported by the ASDA B-3 policy on Interdisciplinary Dental Education, the Council investigated and drafted a letter to colleagues to encourage communication about dental health with patients from health care workers in other disciplines.
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