Dallin ThuesonThe story of Brigham Young University–Idaho began on June 17, 1884. Wilford Woodruff, a prominent leader in the Latter-Day Saints, addressed a group of tired pioneers and promised to establish “schools and colleges of higher learning.” Henry B. Eyring, former president of the university, gave the following promise to graduating students in 2001: “Graduates of BYU–Idaho will become legendary for their capacity to build the people around them and to add value wherever they serve.” 
As a predental society, we were excited to have thirty-three predental students get accepted into dental schools across the nation. This was significant—but there was room for improvement. We wanted to expand our ability to access resources; network with other pre-dental students; and acquire efficient, current and helpful tools to apply to dental school. We understand that getting into dental school is not easy. It can be intimidating to navigate one’s way through coursework, service, shadowing, exams and applications. After learning about the American Student Dental Association and all of the assets it has to offer, we quickly realized that ASDA was the missing piece of our society’s pre-occupational puzzle. ASDA has already forged a well-defined trail to dental school; it serves as a metaphorical GPS to predental students as they journey down this road. ASDA has both the experience and expertise to increase applicants’ confidence and their likelihood of success.
We felt the need to create an ASDA chapter because we knew that this change would help students at BYU–Idaho take the initial steps to becoming qualified, more professional and perhaps even eminent. Just as those legendary pioneers left a legacy of initial sacrifice and ultimate achievement, we believe that this new ASDA chapter will provide the sure foundation for a legacy of well-prepared predental students at our university. ASDA is navigating thousands of predental students toward success. With support from this organization and our ASDA peers, we would have much-needed encouragement and support for the dental school preparation process.
 - Dallin Thueson, BYU–Idaho '19

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