AS/IDP Advisory Committee

The Advanced Standing/International Dental Student (AS/IDP) Advisory Committee is made up of five individuals who provide feedback on resources and benefits to assist AS/IDP students. They will work closely with the Council on Membership to ensure that new programs properly address the needs of AS/IDP members.

Current Members

  • Poojan Dhanesha, Boston
  • Jimmy Alburquerque, Boston
  • Ana Fusu, Minnesota
  • Amanjyot Bains, Buffalo
  • Ahmed Nagy, Rutgers
  • Brooke Kuchuris, ASDA Staff Liaison

Past accomplishments:

  • Each committee member was assigned as liaison to each of the Districts to serve as a resource for students in AS/IDP programs within the district.
  • The Committee assisted in the creation of an ASDA international dentists Facebook page with more than 1,100 followers as of January 6, 2017.
  • The Committee held a webinar, “The Path to Becoming a U.S.-Trained Dentist”, as part of Predental Week. Predental Week will evolve into Predental Month in 2017 and allow for at least one webinar dedicated to international dentists.
  • The Committee created a video on tips for applying to U.S. dental schools that has more than 4,000 views as of January 6, 2017. This video is posted on ASDA’s tips for international dentists web page and international dentists Facebook page.

2018-19 AS/IDP Advisory Committee Annual Report