Council on Communications


(L to R): Allison Haynie, Texas-Houston; Anthony Chen, Los Angeles; Mallory Niro, Temple; Ryan McCormick, Oregon; John Luke Andrew, Colorado; Lauren Lewandowski, Buffalo; Kasia Chalko, ASDA

The Council on Communications is responsible for improving communications between ASDA’s leadership and membership by creating and disseminating information via various media channels. The council reviews content on the ASDA website and guides digital initiatives including ASDA’s social media and videos. The council acts as a resource for chapter communication efforts (e.g., chapter newsletters and websites).

Current Members

  • Ryan McCormick, Oregon, chair
  • Lauren Lewandowski, Buffalo, council associate
  • Mallory Niro, Temple, council associate
  • Allison Haynie, Texas-Houston, video production manager
  • Anthony Chen, Los Angeles, video production manager
  • John Luke Andrew, Colorado, District 9 Trustee
  • Kasia Chalko, Staff Liaison

Past accomplishments:

  • The Council created a new Snapchat account for national ASDA. It made its debut at National Leadership Conference and has subsequently been used to host chapter and district takeovers.
  • The video production managers created: Annual Session 2016 wrap-up, a dental expo promo video, two micro-videos for Facebook and Instagram (wellness and Veteran’s Day), a launch video for the ASDA Bracket Challenge and a new lobbying video.
  • The Council created new social media initiatives for the National Leadership Conference, including Instagram takeovers, Facebook Live videos and the creation of a Snapchat story.
  • Council empaneled a subcommittee to assist with tasks related to ASDA’s website redesign and participated in activities related to assessing site architecture and navigation, as well as a detailed audit of all website content.
  • Council members issued an informal survey to assess the need and interest in creating a year-round app for ASDA members. The results of the survey were collated and shared with the vendor partnering with ASDA on the website redesign.

2016-17 Council on Communications Annual Report