Resolutions are grouped into a reference committee based on their content area. Reference committees evaluate resolutions and present well-informed recommendations to the House of Delegates based on the best information and advice available. The officers of the association determine the number and type of reference committees and appoint a chairperson and members for each. Members are selected for reference committees based on their expertise in that subject area. 

Consent Calendar
To expedite the proceedings of the House, Reference Committees place items on the Consent Calendar that they believe are non-controversial. However, any delegate may remove an item from the Consent Calendar if they believe the item warrants further discussion.

If an item is removed from the Consent Calendar, it will then be brought up in its natural order during the Reference Committee reports. The vote must be unanimous to adopt the Consent Calendar. If passed, all resolutions are adopted as a whole or en bloc. Debate is not allowed on the Consent Calendar beyond simply removing an item from it.

Consent Calendar

Consent Resolutions

Education and Licensure 

Membership & Professional Issues