Hometown: Orlando, FL

Chapter: Case Western

Graduation Year: 2020

Position Held At Chapter: President

Leadership spotlight form picture

Why do you want to be a dentist?
First and foremost, I wanted to help people in some way through the healthcare field. Dentistry is a combination of health, art, technology, and research which I wanted to be a part of. We’re able to use our hands to save smiles and change lives. The appreciation that your patients have, gives you a sense of purpose in the work that you’re doing. 

What do you think is the most vital quality in a leader?
Being open minded. You have to listen to everyone and see where they’re coming from. You don’t want to limit your organization’s potential by not having new and fresh ideas.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in dental school so far?
You have to always be on top of everything you’re doing.  No one is going to care about your future as much as you do.

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
Went down a black diamond hill when it was my first time skiing ever

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Dentistry isn’t your life, it’s just a part of your life. So make sure to enjoy every moment you have with family, friends and doing that things that you love.