Sabin Dhamala

First Impression - Predental

Hometown: Nantucket, MA

Chapter: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Graduation Year: 2020

Position Held At Chapter: Vice president


Why do you want to be a dentist?

It is a profession in which I can combine two of my passions: the art of using my hands and the service to the people of the community. I love the idea of being able to see the results of my work instantly, as well as the impact I have on people's confidence and appearance. 

What are you most nervous about for dental school?

My DAT scores. I’m not sure how accurately the DAT score reflects my potential, but it is one of the most important factors.

Why do you think you’ll make a good dentist?

I’m open-minded and always down to learn new things including culture, religion, sports, politics, music, etc. This habit of mine has led me learn so much about different cultures, religion and more that I feel confident that I can connect with anyone, which is vital for this profession. I love the health care field. In fact, I’ve tried engineering, computer science and few other majors, but I decided to stick with health care. I can see myself in the dentist that I work with as a dental assistant. He makes interpersonal connections with his patients. He has great leadership skills, time management skills and he makes the best decisions in tough situations. I have been improving these skills through my experiences in college. I’m confident that I can make my patients happy, connect with them and provide them the beautiful smile they deserve.

Share one thing on your bucket list:

I want to find a group of people that play musical instruments. I play guitar (lead/rhythm) and sing. I want to have a musical band. So I need drummers, guitarists and maybe a vocalist. I had a band back in Nepal, so I really miss them and I wish I could have that experience again.