Kristi Truong

First Impression - Predental

Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

Chapter: Temple

Graduation Year: 2019

Position Held At Chapter: Co-president


Why do you want to be a dentist?
My interest in dentistry emerged after witnessing my father’s dental bridge transform his smile. The drastic change in his confidence made me realize the importance of a dentist’s handiwork and meticulousness. I find the aspect of using my manual skills to create or to fix something rewarding. It makes me want to be a dentist because I enjoy the creative and aesthetic aspects of the profession; yet, I am able to improve people’s lives.

What are you most nervous about for dental school?
I am most nervous about having a balanced social, school, and personal life. 

Why do you think you’ll make a good dentist?
I am strong-willed, committed, and personable. I believe that my personality and my enthusiasm for dentistry will make me a good dentist.

Share one thing on your bucket list:
To travel to all seven continents.