Sonali Lallu

First Impression - Predental

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Chapter: University of Central Florida

Graduation Year: 2020

predentalspotlight Why do you want to be a dentist?
My journey as a Pre-Dental student is quite interesting. Upon starting my freshman year at UCF, I was actually pursuing the Pre-Medical route. Through further research and shadowing, I found that the careers I had looked into weren’t as great of a fit for me as I had once thought, and in turn found myself confused on the path I wanted to take. As a kid I had always feared going to the dentist and because of that fear, it never allowed me to truly see the various aspects of dentistry and how much of an impact you can make on those smiles. I have always been into all things artistic, from painting, doing henna, to drawing realistic portraits. I wanted a job that not only incorporated my love for medicine, community service, and art, but also a career that's hands-on and has a lot of patient interaction. It wasn’t until I was looking into the various careers in the medical field that dentistry caught my eye. However, it wasn’t until I was able to attend a pre-dental day within District 5 where we completed composite restorations, tooth waxing, and held hand pieces to apply sealants and carve blocks that I knew this was the career I wanted to pursue! Ever since that day, I have fallen madly and deeply in love with this profession and strive to immerse myself in all things dental to learn as much as I can about such an amazing field! Dentistry allows you to be a doctor, engineer, and artist all at the same time. With this profession you are able to do something so small and make a huge impact in someone’s life through not only their appearance, but mental state as well. Having the ability to instill confidence and happiness in others through the work you do as a dentist is incredible and that is my biggest dream!

What are you most nervous about for dental school?
While currently I am nervous about choosing the dental school that’s the best fit for me, when it comes to dental school, I’m nervous about finding the balance between studying, taking time for myself, and also being a part of various clubs such as ASDA, AAWD, etc. I know immersing myself in schoolwork and extracurriculars will be an amazing feeling but learning to balance everything while setting aside some time for self-care and love will be a challenge in the beginning. This all however, will become easier with a new family of friends and faculty! 

Why do you think you’ll make a good dentist?
I believe I’ll make a good dentist because of the passion I exhibit for the field dentistry. This field has already impacted my life in so many ways and has made me who I am today that I want to be able to share that passion with others. My creative, enthusiastic, and personable character I feel will make patients more comfortable and ensure trusting relationships will be built between us for high-quality dental care and happiness throughout!  

Share one thing on your bucket list: Travel to Boston, New York, Hawaii, and document my journey to and throughout dental school by creating a YouTube channel!