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word of mouth coverWord of Mouth is our monthly e-newsletter emailed to all members to keep them up-to-date on the events, issues, and initiatives of importance to dental and predental students. Each month, the "six simple ways to..." column features tips and suggestions to enhance your dental career and the benefit of the month section highlights a benefit relevant to students.



Word of Mouth - November 2015 Shop ASDA's Amazon link | December wellness challenge
Word of Mouth - October 2015 Apply for a national leadership position | New predental handbook online now
Word of Mouth - September 2015 Get in-the-know with Engage | ADA webinar on stress management
Word of Mouth - August 2015 Video contest announced | Follow ASDA on Instagram
Word of Mouth - July 2015 Meet ASDA's externs | New scholarship opportunity
Word of Mouth - June 2015 Memorial Award Nominations | ADA Science Podcasts
Word of Mouth - May 2015 Predental Virtual Fair | New Scholarship Opportunities
Word of Mouth - April 2015 Lobby Day photos | Scholarship applications due
Word of Mouth - March 2015  Lobby Day appointments | ADAF Recipients
Word of Mouth - February 2015  Lobby Day registration | Making a first impression on your patients
Word of Mouth - January 2015  EC & speaker candidates | Predental Week webinars & events

Word of Mouth - December 2014  Annual Session registration | New dental translator app benefit
Word of Mouth - November 2014  National Predental Week | Working with different personalities
Word of Mouth - October 2014  Research opportunities | UCLA ASDA wins national newsletter award
Word of Mouth - September 2014  Getting involved at your chapter | Dental associateships
Word of Mouth - August 2014  Time management tips | ASDA ice bucket challenge
Word of Mouth - July 2014  Elevate Your Networking Skills | Scholarship Opps
Word of Mouth - June 2014  Manage Your Finances | NLC Registration
Word of Mouth - May 2014  How to Find Your Calling | Scholarship Deadline
Word of Mouth - April 2014  State Dental Associations | Leadership Book Suggestions
Word of Mouth - March 2014  CV Tips | Guide to Getting Your License
Word of Mouth - February 2014  Avoid Dental School Burn Out | Communications Survey
Word of Mouth - January 2014  2014 ASDA Elections | Member Benefits Update

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