Consistent and clear communication is the key to a successful chapter. It is important that you communicate often and use various channels to keep your members informed and involved. It is also important that others at your school and in your community recognize the efforts of your chapter. This page provides resources to assist you in your communications efforts.

You'll also find the ASDA, Engage and Gold Crown logos, along with instructions for their proper use.

Communications Templates

ASDA Letterhead

Chapters can download the ASDA letterhead template for correspondence with faculty, advertisers, exhibitors and your community. Simply add your chapter's contact information and the content of your letter and you are ready to send.

ASDA PowerPoint Template

Leaders can use this Microsoft PowerPoint template for chapter presentations, lunch & learns or district meetings.

ASDA's Logo and Usage Guidelines

The ASDA logo shall be used in its primary color (blue, Pantone 541, CYMK 100 57 0 38) whenever possible and always as a unit, with the associated name spelled out. If necessary, the logo can be used in black or reversed out of a darker color, for example a white logo on a black background.

Chapters should create their own brand and logo, but are encouraged to incorporate ASDA’s logo. The ASDA logo should not be distorted and should be placed above or to the left of all other logos. Predental chapters should include the term “predental” before their chapter name to distinguish between predoctoral and predental chapters at the same school. Please note: ASDA’s style guidelines are to use the word predental as one word (no hyphen).

Guidelines for Use


  • Use the unmodified logo
  • Allow space around the logo (minimum 0.5 in.)
  • Place the logo on a single color background


  • Change the color of the logo
  • Distort the logo dimensions
  • Place the logo on a multicolor or patterned background
  • Use a hyphen in "predental"

Contact ASDA if you have questions.

ASDA Main Logo

Choose the ASDA logo in blue and black or black only for two-color printing.

Download blue logo for PRINT | WEB

Download black logo for PRINT | WEB

Gold Crown Award Logo

Please follow the same guidelines for the Gold Crown Award logo.

Download logo for PRINT | WEB

Gold Crown Awards
ASDA Action

Please follow the same guidelines using the ASDA Action logo.

Download ASDA Action red logo for PRINT | WEB

Download ASDA Action blue logo for PRINT | WEB