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National Leadership Positions

ASDA introduces students to organized dentistry and provides opportunities to develop leadership skills. ASDA national leaders have gone on to serve on ADA’s New Dentist Committee, state and local societies and as presenters at ASDA, AGD and ADA national meetings.

Leadership Application Instructions

Applications for the 2016-17 leadership term will be posted on Oct. 15. Please note: the deadline to submit applications this year will be Dec. 17.

Questions about the application process? Please contact:

Stephanie Follett, advocacy and policy manager
Phone: 312 440-2490
Fax: 312-440-2820

If you don't have your login or password, contact for help.

Meeting Attendance Requirements

National leaders must be able to attend each meeting as listed in their position description. Applicants who can not attend all required meetings will not be considered - no exceptions. Please review this carefully before applying. Click here for a list of national meetings. Funding is provided for required meetings and includes: transportation to/from meetings, meals, hotel accommodations, a per diem based on the length of the meeting and reimbursement for baggage fees. 

Elections and Appointments

The 2015-16 appointed leaders will be selected by the 2014-15 board of trustees in January 2015. Elected leaders (the executive committee, speaker of the House and trustees) will be selected at Annual Session, Feb. 18-21, 2015 in Boston. All national leaders will begin their term at the conclusion of Annual Session.

Orientation & Leadership Training

ASDA national leaders are introduced to their new role through an orientation program (in-person and via conference calls), including:

  • Overview of ASDA organizational structure, standing rules, policies and procedures
  • Tips for leading a team, along with a copy of "Enhancing Committee Effectiveness"
  • Position-specific training from prior year's leaders
  • Resources for how to make strategic decisions and manage conflict
  • Mentorship from ASDA staff and other leaders in organized dentistry

Elected Positions (elected by House of Delegates or chapter delegates at Annual Session):

The executive committee consists of the president, two vice presidents and the executive director (ASDA staff).

President Duties
Vice President Duties
Executive Committee Application 

District trustees guide chapters in their district and act as the official liaison between the local chapters and national ASDA. Each district trustee serves as a member of the board of trustees and is appointed to a council.

District Trustee Duties
District Trustee Application  

The speaker of the House of Delegates presides over the House of Delegates business meetings at Annual Session and guides members through the resolution process.

Speaker of the House Duties
Speaker of the House Application 

Appointed Positions (selected from a pool of applicants by board of trustees):

The ASDA Editorial Board is comprised of the editor-in-chief, two electronic editors and five contributing editors. The Editorial Board provides editorial direction for Mouth, ASDA News, and Mouthing Off. All Editorial Board members solicit authors and then work with contributors to develop topics and edit their articles.

Editor-in-Chief Duties
Editor-in-Chief Application  

Contributing Editor Duties
Contributing Editor Application  

Electronic Editor Duties
Electronic Editor Application  

Read about recent accomplishments from the Editorial Board and see who currently serves on this group.


ASDA’s councils are instrumental in creating projects and initiatives to further the association’s goals. Councils act on resolutions passed by the House of Delegates and help to identify programs and recommend policies to meet the needs and interests of dental students.

Council chairs supervise and direct the activities of the council and facilitate council meetings. At the end of their term, chairs attend ASDA's Annual Session. Council chairs also serve on ASDA’s Strategic Plan Oversight Committee (SPOC) with the executive director, president and editor-in-chief to monitor the association’s progress of the goals in the strategic plan.

Council associates serve as a member of a council and participate in all council activities. Associates are encouraged to apply for the council chair position the following year.

Council on Advocacy

The Council on Advocacy monitors and reports on current legislation relevant to dental students and the profession. The council also plans National Dental Student Lobby Day and provides assistance to chapters in organizing grassroots political activities. The council is composed of a chair, ADPAC student director and five legislative coordinators.

Council on Advocacy Chair Duties
Council on Advocacy Chair Application  

The ADPAC student director serves as liaison to the ADPAC board of directors, with full voting rights. The ADPAC student director also provides leadership in the areas of legislation and advocacy.

ADPAC Student Director Duties
ADPAC Student Director Application  

Legislative coordinators (LCs) work by the direction of the chair of the Council on Advocacy. They represent the chapters in their region and guide chapters on grassroots activities such as ADPAC drives, state lobby days and email campaigns.

Legislative Coordinator Duties
Legislative Coordinator Application 

Read about recent accomplishments from this council and see who currently serves on this group.

Council on Communications

The Council on Communications improves communications between ASDA’s leadership and membership by creating and disseminating media and fostering and evaluating feedback from members.

Council on Communications Chair Duties
Council on Communications Chair Application  

Council on Communications Associate Duties
Council on Communications Associate Application 

The video editor films and produces videos that focus on topics of interest to dental students and predentals. Videos will advance the goals of the council, strategic plan and House of Delegate resolutions.

Video Editor Duties
Video Editor Application  

Read about recent accomplishments from this council and see who currently serves on this group.

Council on Membership

The Council on Membership promotes the recruitment and retention of members. This council provides direct assistance to individual chapters or trustees, proposes new member benefits and develops new resources for ASDA chapters.

Council on Membership Chair Duties
Council on Membership Chair Application 

Council on Membership Associate Duties
Council on Membership Associate Application  

Read about recent accomplishments from this council and see who currently serves on this group.

Council on Professional Issues

The Council on Professional Issues serves the association as a resource on dental practice administration and professional issues, such as ethics and barriers to care. The council also reviews ASDA’s Code of Ethics and recommends changes as necessary.

Council on Professional Issues Chair Duties
Council on Professional Issues Chair Application 

Council on Professional Issues Associate Duties
Council on Professional Issues Associate Application  

Read about recent accomplishments from this council and see who currently serves on this group.

Externships offer an exciting first step to becoming leaders in organized dentistry. The externship program allows dental students to experience national and state health policy legislation and association management. Externs work four weeks over the summer in the ADA’s Washington, D.C. office or ASDA central office in Chicago. Externs receive a stipend, transportation to and from Chicago or Washington, D.C., and student housing near the office.

Two Chicago administrative externs are selected to work at ASDA’s central office, becoming directly involved in many aspects of the association including marketing, communications, operations, membership and meetings. Externs spend time in each department of the central office and have specific responsibilities including the completion of projects assigned by ASDA staff. For a more in-depth look at the Chicago externship, read this August 2012 ASDA News article "ASDA externs learn all about organized dentistry in the windy city."

Chicago Extern Duties
Chicago Extern Application 

Two Washington, D.C. ADPAC externs are selected to work in the Washington, D.C. office of the ADA, becoming directly involved in the legislative process through congressional lobbying, contact with health policy experts and extensive research and position development. Externs have specific responsibilities including the completion of projects assigned by the ADA staff. Externs are also expected to identify projects to meet the needs and interests of dental students and to develop and propose association policy, or policy revision, as needed.

Washington, D.C. Extern Duties
Washington, D.C. Extern Application  

Note: this position was formerly called the Washington, D.C. national health policy externship.


The predental consultant provides insight into the unique needs of ASDA's predental members. This position will help keep councils and central office staff informed of predental topics and issues. The predental consultant will serve as liaison between the predental advisory committee and the council on membership.

Predental Consultant Duties
Predental Consultant Application 

The predental advisory committee is made up of five individuals who provide feedback on predental student focused initiatives. They will work closely with the predental consultant and the council on membership to ensure that new programs properly address the needs of predental members.

Predental Advisory Committee Duties
Predental Advisory Committee Application 

The Leadership Development Work Group Chair directs and manages the tasks of the Leadership Development Work Group. This position will help develop a leadership development training curriculum for national and chapter leaders.

Leadership Development Work Group Chair Duties
Leadership Development Work Group Chair Application 

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