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Council on Membership

The Council on Membership serves the association by assessing and developing resources that meet the needs of the members and chapters. The council provides assistance to individual chapters or trustees regarding membership recruitment and retention, recommends new member benefits and develops resources for chapters. The council contributes to the Gold Crown Award program and assists with the membership outreach initiative. The council oversees the predental advisory committee to ensure that new programs and benefits properly address the needs of predental members.

Current Members  

Name  Position  Chapter 
Yeri Guak  Chair Midwestern-Arizona
Jenna Pascoli  Council Associate LECOM
Kayla Roe  Council Associate Virginia
LaJoi Wiggins  District 4 Trustee East Carolina
Kai Ta Huang  Predental Consultant University of Central Florida
Danielle Bauer  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office
Erin Kato  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Past accomplishments of this council:

  • Predental membership increased 27% from 2012 year end to 2013 year end, which meets the strategic goal of increasing predental membership by 20% by 2014.
  • Subcommittee on Financial and Career Transition Resources created a Debt 101 guide that provides answers to basic questions related to debt based on year in school. The guide will be made available in April, 2014.
  • Subcommittee for Pre-health Advisors created a survey for students to complete with their pre-health advisors contact information. Information was sent to advisors to introduce ASDA.
  • Predenal Advisory Committee created a resource for non-traditional predental students.
  • Contracted with Crack the DAT and Chad's Videos to offer discounts to ASDA members.
  • Developed a predental club toolkit that is available online for predental clubs.
  • Initiated Predental Week which was held Feb. 16-22, 2014. More than 40 predental clubs and ASDA chapters participated. The predental club that recruited the most ASDA predental members won a “virtual” visit from ASDA. This visit will include a personalized webinar with dental students for their club as well as lunch and give-aways funded by ASDA. The winning club will also be recognized on the ASDA website and in a blog post. Predentals who joined ASDA during Predental Week were entered into a raffle for an iPad mini and gift cards.
  • Hosted a live webinar during National Predental Week (Feb. 19) featuring members of the council and a dean of student affairs from Houston providing tips for applying and preparing for dental school.
  • Worked with ASDA chapters at Case Western, Colorado, East Carolina, LECOM, Maryland, Midwestern-Illinois, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Roseman and San Antonio as part of the Membership Outreach Initiative to increase membership and involvement at the local level. Calls were held with all chapters and visits were done at Rutgers, New England, Utah, Roseman and Kirksville-Missouri chapters.
  • Introduced on-boarding guide to chapters featuring tools and templates to use when introducing new members to ASDA.
  • Reviewed 2014-15 applications for the Predental Consultant and Predental Advisory Committee positions and provide recommendations to the board.
  • Administered the first Membership Outreach Grant and awarded $500 grants to the chapters at Colorado, East Carolina, LECOM, Pennsylvania and Roseman to hold membership events for new students.
  • Revised the 2014 Gold Crown Award application criteria for the Ideal and Most Improved categories and provided application tips.
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