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Membership & Recruitment

Chapters are responsible for recruiting and retaining members. This section provides resources to help you in your recruitment efforts.

Membership Remittance: This online system is used to process your chapter's members. You must be designated as your chapter's remit processor to access this system. Chapters that submit their remittances and dues payments in full by Nov. 26 will receive $100.

Predental Recruitment Incentive: Predental membership growth is an ASDA goal. An award will be given to the top three chapters who recruit the most predentals between Sept. 8 and Feb 14 at the conclusion of ASDA Predental Week. First place earns $500, second place earns $300 and third place earns $200. In order for chapters to earn credit for their recruitment efforts, the predental students will need to select their chapter when submitting the online application. You can download predental presentations to assist with the recruitment efforts. Refer to the How-to Guide page for the Predental Recruitment guide, which offers an inside look at best practices from other chapters.

Membership Brochures:  Printed predoctoral and predental membership brochures can be sent to chapters upon request. To request copies, e-mail

Recruitment & Engagement Videos: Show these videos at your events to demonstrate the value of getting involved with ASDA. Review both videos before your event and choose one that best fits your audience.

ASDA National Communications: Post this flier on your school's bulletin board to make members aware of all of the national communication vehicles available to them.

Member Value Proposition:  ASDA developed our Member Value Proposition for predoctoral and predental members using input from our members. This document can be shared with potential members as a tool for recruitment.

First-Year Welcome Letter:  Personalize this sample letter (Word) to incoming first years and mail to their home addresses to introduce them to ASDA.

Automatic Enrollment FAQs: If your chapter is considering converting to auto enroll, this document will answer the most frequently asked questions from your administration.

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