Getting a Job

You have almost made it through four years of dental school and it's now time to find a job. Begin the process by creating a compelling CV and preparing for the interview. Use these tools to become a desirable applicant and to get the job you want.

Dental Associateships

Over half of new graduates become dental associates as either an employee or independent contractor. Learn the difference between the two models, how to find the right practice fit and where to look for associate positions.

Writing Your CV

Your first impression with a potential employer is your CV. Gain advice on writing a CV that will stand out and get you the interview with your dream job.

Interviewing for the Perfect Associateship

The interview is the most important step in the process to finding the associateship that will set you off on your dream career. Targeted preparation combined with practiced skill will have you acing the interview. These tips will help to prepare you for the best interview experience possible.

Owning a Practice

There are two ways to become an owner of a dental practice: buy an established practice or start a practice from the ground up. Learn the key factors to consider when pursuing either option and the steps involved in performing the financial and operational diligence necessary to reduce the potential risks of ownership.