Wellness Month

It’s in your best interest and that of your patients if you are the healthiest version of yourself. Wellness means making thoughtful, daily choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness stems from focusing on each of the five dimensions of your life and finding a balanced way of addressing all of them.

During September ASDA emphasizes wellness, but it is our priority to support your wellness throughout the year.

Wellness Month programs and activities

National ASDA will feature:

This year with the support of Great-West Financial®, ASDA’s Wellness Month Step Challenge enabled some friendly individual and chapter competition. 

We encouraged all ASDA members to get involved directly and log their steps weekly.

We award two chapter prizes: highest chapter average by total membership - Harvard and highest chapter average across those participating from each chapter - Colorado. The winning chapters will receive a $250 gift card. Individuals for each week earn an ASDA water bottle and a $50 gift card.

Week 1 Top Stepper:

Evan Hamamoto, Colorado:

Week 2 Top Stepper:

Evan Hamamoto, Colorado: 169,353

Week 3 
Top Stepper:

Meg Dinkel, Colorado: 182,928

Week 4 Top Stepper:

Thu Hoang, Midwestern-Illinois: 213,235 steps
As a proud sponsor for the ASDA wellness initiative, Great-West Financial not only wants you to focus on your physical, mental and emotional wellness but your financial wellness too. One of the most tangible benefits of ADA student membership is eligibility for the ADA no-cost life and disability insurance while completing your dental education – including your D1 thru D4 years and post-doc residency programs.

Great-West Financial’s commitment to ASDA is long-standing. They developed a resource-filled website just for ASDA members. Materials include articles, recipes and exercises like: Sit up, Stand up: Perfect your posture. Review all the valuable resources at www.bringhealthyon.com



ASDA offers the following resources that chapters can use to promote wellness and organize events for Wellness Month: