This Wellness Month, ASDA encourages members to continue to care for their physical and emotional wellness while we move into a new post-pandemic culture.

As COVID-19 restrictions fluctuate across the U.S., people are returning to pre-pandemic behaviors and social activities. For some, letting go of the restrictions and isolation is a seamless and welcome change. For others, it may take time to adjust and emerge into group settings.

Be mindful of your feelings and make adjustments at your own pace, because even small steps forward or a step back can make a big impact on your wellness.  

Program at a Glance

Mark your calendars for challenge and activity dates throughout the month.
Sept. 6 at 9 am CDT
Mile-A-Day Challenge: Week 1 submissions due
Sept. 13 at 9 am CDT
Mile-A-Day Challenge: Week 2 submissions due
Sept. 15 at 7 pm CDT
Live Yoga Class
Sept. 20 at 9 am CDT
Mile-A-Day Challenge: Week 3 submissions due
Sept. 27 at 9 am CDT
Mile-A-Day Challenge: Week 4 submissions due
Sept. 30

Final day to share bingo cards on Instagram for a chance to win prizes

Mile-A-Day Challenge
Participate in the Mile-A-Day Challenge for a chance to win individual and chapter prizes.

How to Participate

  1. Walk, run and take active breaks throughout the day to reach at least 1 mile of steps per day. 
  2. Keep a tally of the total distance you walked throughout the week using your favorite fitness tracker.
  3. Every Monday by 9 am CDT, submit your completed Mile-A-Day form using the links provided below.
  4.  Automatically get entered into a weekly drawing for individual prizes.*

Each week, those who submit a valid form will be entered into a random drawing. The selected winner will receive a $50 gift card to one of the following vendors of their choosing:

Nike | Dick’s Sporting Goods | Under Armour | Lululemon

Submission forms are now closed. 

Chapters That Walk Together, Win Together

At the end of the month, two ASDA chapters will win a $250 Amazon gift card based on their chapter’s participation**. 

  • Prize 1: awarded to the chapter with the highest total mile count
  • Prize 2: awarded to the chapter with the highest average mile count by total membership number

*Members must submit a valid challenge form by Monday at 9:00 am CDT in order to be eligible to win. Winners will be announced no later than Tuesday each week. An individual member may only win once. 

** An individual chapter may only win one prize. If a chapter meets the criteria to win both prizes, Prize 1 will go to the chapter with the second-highest total mile count.

Bingo Challenge
Join our month-long bingo challenge with activities that you can complete individually or with a group. This challenge is designed to get you moving and enjoy activities that your community has to offer. 

How to participate:

  1. Download the bingo card.
  2. Check off activities on your card as you complete them throughout the month. 
  3. If you get bingo (5-in-a-row vertically, horizontally or diagonally), share your card on Instagram and tag @dentalstudents and #BeWellASDA.
  4. You’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win* one of six $50 Target gift cards. Bingo cards must be shared by September 30 to be eligible to win. 

*6 winners will be randomly selected from all eligible participants and notified via email after Sept. 30. 

Live Yoga Class

Halfway through Wellness Month, we’re taking a step back from the busyness of dental school to focus on the importance of mental and physical recovery days. Mark your calendars for our live yoga flow class on September 15 from 7 – 8 p.m. CT.

Register and participate for a chance to win* a $100 gift card to Lululemon!

*Winner will be randomly selected from all eligible participants and notified via email after the event.


It’s natural to feel excited, nervous, uncertain, or any combination of these and other emotions about re-introducing pre-pandemic behaviors into your life. As you make adjustments, consider referring to these articles and resources for guidance:

2021 Wellness Month is proudly supported by

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