Tips for International Dental Students

Many dentists and dental students educated outside the United States wish to obtain a dental license to practice in the U.S. Find resources below to help you become licensed in the US.

Determine the state(s) where you wish to obtain a license and contact the state board(s) of dentistry to obtain specific licensure requirements and a sample application. Click here for requirements by state.

Contact the US dental schools you are interested in attending to understand their requirements. The application and list of available programs can be found on ADEA’s CAAPID site. Please note: some dental schools do not use CAAPID to administer their application process. 

Apply to an accredited dental school with an advanced standing program to earn a DDS or DMD degree. Reference this list of the U.S. dental schools that offer an AS/IDP program for contact information.

Complete a clinical licensing examination administered by a state or regional clinical testing agency accepted in the state where you wish to be licensed. Review the licensure laws and regulations from the individual state board websites for real-time information about which exams are accepted where licensure is sought.

Resources for Advanced Standing or IDP students

Guide to Applying to U.S. Dental Schools for Internationally Trained Dentists

ApplyingIntlDentists_howtoguide_coversApplying to dental school as an internationally trained dentists can be a complex and difficult task. To get a better understanding of all the requirements, download our guide (ASDA members only). Not a member? Join now.

The guide contains information and tips on each step of the process including:

  • What to do before applying
  • The application process
  • The interview
  • After acceptance
  • After graduating

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