There are several steps to apply to dental school. To learn more about the application process visit the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) website. As you prepare to apply to dental school, keep the following advice in mind.

  1. Be honest on your application. Lying or exaggerating can get your application dismissed. If you’ve had any academic violations or probations, explain them from the beginning. Start by stating what the experience taught you or how you grew from it.
  2. Follow directions. ADEA AADSAS has many nuances such as character limits, date entry specifics, etc. Understand what is expected in each section and follow the directions.
  3. The application takes a while to process.Start your application early so you have time to complete it section thoroughly.
  4. Update your CV/Resume in advance. This will make filling out the application much easier because it can be used as an outline for your accomplishments. Don’t know what to put in your CV? Check out our CV/Resume tips.
  5. Collect all of your transcripts in advance. Have recent copies of your transcripts prior to applying to expedite the process. Use these transcripts when filling out the academic history portion of your application.
  6. Review the supplemental information. Some programs require additional information in your application along with an additional application fee. Build in time during the application process to complete any supplemental information sections.