Advocacy Lunch & Learn Library

Welcome to ASDA’s Lunch & Learn Library. Use these presentation templates to host informational advocacy events at your chapter.


Advocacy 101

This presentation covers the basics of advocacy with an overview of ASDA’s advocacy efforts, key issues and ways to get involved. This is a great place to start with students who are new to advocacy.


Licensure Reform 101

This presentation examines the current system of licensure exams and breaks down the need for reform. Our Licensure Reform Toolkit has additional resources on this topic.


Barriers to Care 101

This presentation addresses barriers to care in dentistry and the steps students can take to reduce these barriers for patients.

Dental Student Debt 101

This presentation provides an overview of the student debt crisis, its impact on graduating dental students and the measures being taken to address the issue.


Midlevel Providers 101

This presentation covers the status of midlevel dental providers in the US and shares alternatives based on ASDA’s stance that midlevel providers are not the solution to addressing barriers to care.


ASDA Action 101

This presentation covers the benefits of signing up for ASDA Action alerts along with the basics of using the advocacy software.



This presentation defines the role of the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) in politics and outlines the benefits of joining as a dental student.