Your wellness matters.

ASDA Wellness 

Dental school is exhausting — mentally and physically. In the midst of rigorous class and clinical schedules, it’s important to set aside time to care for your personal wellness. Wellness is not a destination that can be reached and then forgotten. It is a journey that requires continuous effort and adjustments based on life’s demands.

ASDA is your community, support system & advocate. We pledge to:

  • Demonstrate the value and impact of community and engagement on member wellness
  • Promote the dimensions of wellness and means of addressing each of them as they relate to the dental student experience
  • Provide intentional programming that assists members with incorporating wellness into their routines

Make an impact in 5 dimensions.

It’s in your best interest and that of your patients if you are the healthiest version of yourself. ASDA highlights five dimensions that you can focus on to improve and maintain your wellness.

Emotional Wellness

Physical Wellness

Intellectual Wellness

Occupational Wellness

Environmental Wellness

Learn more about how each dimension impacts your wellbeing and discover resources from ASDA members and subject-matter experts here.

Add wellness into your routine.

Wellness Wednesday

On Wellness Wednesdays, ASDA shares new resources, highlights member insights, or hosts a wellness activity. Discover how you can add wellness into your routine across all 5 dimensions of wellness. 

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Wellness Month

During the month of September, ASDA emphasizes wellness through weekly individual and chapter activities. 

Details about this year's program coming soon!

Access ASDA resources.

You are not alone.

If you’re noticing changes in your personal wellbeing and health due to a decrease in exercise, changed eating habits, increased stress or depression, you are not alone. 

There are ways to screen yourself to determine if you're experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition, provided by Mental Health America

In crisis? If you or someone you know is in crisis now, seek help immediately. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to reach a 24-hour crisis center or dial 911 for immediate assistance.

Additional Resources