Congratulations on being selected as a leader in your chapter. To help you get started in your role, ASDA has put together a list of important dates and resources for each position below. Additional chapter management resources and a master calendar of dates and deadlines are also available.


ThinkstockPhotos-476830016-gavelThe president is responsible for the representation and overall management of their local ASDA chapter. The president implements necessary improvements to strengthen and build their chapter and should delegate responsibilities to appointed or elected leaders of the chapter.


ThinkstockPhotos-640947714-balancesheet The treasurer serves as the chief financial officer and manages all finances of the chapter.

Membership Chair

The membership chair is responsible for recruitment and retention of members and educating members on the benefits of belonging.

Legislative Liaison (LL)

ThinkstockPhotos-100796574-capitolThe LL informs members of local, state and national legislative issues of interest to dental students and the profession.

Wellness Chair

ThinkstockPhotos-539453360-wellnessThe wellness chair oversees all activities and initiatives for members focused on health and well-being.

Fundraising Chair

The fundraising chair manages all activities and initiatives that raise funds for the chapter.

Predental Chair


The predental chair is responsible for outreach to and engagement of predental students.

Communications Chair

ThinkstockPhotos-486765084-communicationsThe communications chair oversees all efforts to communicate to members through the website, newsletters, social media, email and other means.