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Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,
“what are you doing for others?”

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

What’s the difference between community outreach and community service? 

Community outreach involves providing professional services, or services of a specific expertise, to a group of people who may not otherwise have access to those services. It is performed where those in need are located. (Example: providing dental services or education at a homeless shelter.)
community outreach

Community service is work done for the benefit of the local community overall. Community service can be completed remotely. (Examples: hosting a clothing drive on campus, cleaning up trash from a park or beach.)
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Many ASDA chapters actively participate in community outreach and community service events. Use these resources to help plan and implement programming at your own chapter. Be on the lookout for community-inspired posts on ASDA's social media and publications. Be sure to tag @dentalstudents and use #ASDAoutreach and/or #ASDAservice

Community resources

Oral Health Instructional (OHI) Resources

Utilize these resources when educating members of your community on good oral hygiene.


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