It is the position of the American Student Dental Association that dental schools should ensure all students, faculty, staff and administration are sensitive to the diversity of their colleagues and patients.

ASDA defines diversity as ‘differences among individual characteristics, professional choices or demographics including, but not limited to: race, religion, ethnic background, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identification and gender expression.’ ASDA recognizes the unique challenges faced by these diverse populations.  (Excerpt from E-4 Sensitivity to Diversity Policy)

Additional Resources and Organizations

The following list directs you to websites offering assistance or information related to matters of diversity and inclusion in organized dentistry.

General Information

The Summer Health Professions Education Program (formerly SMDEP) serves as the free, six-week academic enrichment program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Eligible students include, but are not limited to, individuals who identify as African American/Black, American Indian and Alaska Native and Hispanic/Latino, and who are from communities of socioeconomic and educational disadvantage. The program expanded to include an array of other healthcare professions, such as nursing, pharmacy and public health. View program sites here.


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ASDA Diversity and Outreach Blog Posts 

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