Advocacy Certificate Program

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ASDA advocacy is vital to the protection and welfare of dental students and the dental profession. We want as many students as possible to effectively advocate for dental student issues. Advocacy Certificate Program

The Advocacy Certificate Program helps students strengthen and develop their advocacy knowledge. Whether you’re new to advocacy or an expert, the program will help you become a lifelong advocate.  

Congratulations to Olivia Kalloo, Roseman ’22 for earning the most points in the 2020-21 program. She shared, 

“I was inspired to get involved with advocacy when I started to believe I could make a difference and encourage my peers to understand the intricacies with issues facing the dental student community. Advocacy is important to me because it provides me with a greater sense of being beyond myself as one dental student and future dental professional.” 

2021-22 Certificate Program

The 2021-22 certificate program runs from ASDA Annual Session 2021 -Annual Session 2022. 

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Point Categories

The Program:

  1. Identifies key advocacy initiatives that will help you become proficient in advocacy. These initiatives include attendance at local advocacy events, lobbying at Capitol Hill, participation in advocacy webinars and contributing advocacy content to ASDA publications.
  2. Awards an electronic certificate to students that have completed the established requirements as listed below. 
  3. Expects members of the program to inspire and mobilize fellow dental students in advocacy initiatives. 
  4. Highlights your commitment to advocacy on your resume or in interviews.

How to Participate:

  • Members must earn at least eight points to earn the certificate.
  • Don’t just stop at 8 points! The highest point earner will receive ASDA’s Excellence in Advocacy Engagement Award.

Submitting Points:

  • You must earn points in at least three different categories to be recognized.
  • All points must be submitted by the established deadline to national ASDA. ASDA will verify your engagement in national initiatives. We are confident you will report local events accurately. 
Point Categories
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Lifelong Advocate

If you earned the advocacy certificate during your D1, D2 or D3 year, you are eligible to start earning points towards becoming a Lifelong Advocate. Submit an additional 15 points over the remainder of your dental school career to be named a Lifelong Advocate.

Rules and eligibility

Predoctoral members are eligible to participate in the ASDA Advocacy Certificate Program. Students must earn 8 points during the specified time frame to earn the certificate. After successfully completing the first year, students are eligible to submit 15 or more points over the remainder of their dental student career to become a Lifelong Advocate.
Keep ASDA members updated on your Certificate Program progress by using #ASDAadvocacy on social media. 

Contact Robin Lieberman with questions.