Advocacy Month 

 Midterm Minute promos 
Advocacy Month takes place every November and is ASDA's annual commitment to educating members on the importance of advocacy and developing engaging ways to get involved. 

Advocacy Month 2022: Midterm Minute focused on quick ways to get involved with advocacy in the context of the midterm elections.

Check ASDA's @dentalstudents Instagram page and #ASDAadvocacy to see how members celebrated Advocacy Month.  

Advocacy Month Recap

ASDA’s iconic mascot, the Molar Bear, traveled from chapter to chapter, encouraging members to get involved and informed.

AM 2022 Photo Collage (2)
AM 2022 Photo Collage
Take a Midterm Minute to learn the ABC's of Advocacy webinar

ASDA's national Council on Advocacy discussed just how easy it is to advocate - in some cases, it only takes a minute! Attendees walked away empowered to use quick and easy techniques to advocate for the profession. Watch the recording here

Advocacy Certificate Program

Members submitted hundreds of points in the Advocacy Certificate Program throughout Advocacy Month.

Submit 8 points by Annual Session (Feb. 17, 2023) to earn the custom advocacy certificate. The person who submits the most points will earn ASDA's Excellence in Advocacy Engagement Award.

Get Social

Use these printable speech bubbles and social media templates at your advocacy events and online.

The Bear is Back
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