Advocacy Month

People you don’t know are dictating how you practice. It’s time to champion dental student advocacy by participating in ASDA’s Advocacy Month this November. 

The month will focus on becoming a grassroots advocate. ASDA wants you to understand the importance of advocacy at the local and state levels. 


All ASDA chapters are encouraged to plan and carry out advocacy-related events throughout November. 

What kind of events could your chapter hold? 
  • Legislative lunch and learn
  • ADPAC drive
  • Advocacy-related social event
  • Advocacy academy

Not sure which event to hold? Visit ASDA’s Advocacy Track webpage. This interactive webpage allows you to answer questions about your chapter’s involvement in advocacy and suggests an event that is right for your school. 

AdvocacyMonth_2017_CollageShow your passion for getting informed and involved on social media with advocacy speech bubbles. Simply print them out, and include them in your Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat posts. Be sure you use #ASDAadvocacy and make your post public to be seen. 

Download the Advocacy Month artwork for your social media pages:

There are several ways to engage with advocacy throughout the month. Click through the tabs below to learn about activities, challenges and resources for Advocacy Month 2017.

ASDA Advocacy Molar Bear
Molar Bear

ASDA’s newest mascot, the Advocacy Molar Bear, is ready to visit your chapter. Chapters that signed up to participate will start receiving bears in late October. Upon receiving the bear, chapters are expected to do the following: 

  • Film a short video with the bear explaining why grassroots advocacy is important to them. 
  • Post the video to Instagram using #AdvocacyBear, #ASDAadvocacy and tag @dentalstudents
  • Post other photos with the bear on campus using #AdvocacyBear and #ASDAadvocacy 

Mail the bear to the next participating chapter in the district by the established deadline. We hope that all chapters participate and that the bear makes it to each chapter by the end of November.

ASDA’s Advocacy Month contests will challenge students to engage with advocacy. Challenges will run from November 1 – 30, 2017. Chapter and individual challenge winners will be notified in early December and will receive prizes.

Chapter Challenges

  • National Engage CompetitionEngage is ASDA's action alert system that informs members about critical issues. It allows you to participate in the issues that impact your life as a dental student and your future dental career. The chapter that gets the most participation in November will win. Participation is measured as a percentage of (total unique emails/ total dental students at school). A unique emails refers only to the first time an email is sent per member per alert topic. If there are two active alerts on ASDA’s website, each member has the potential to send two unique emails. 
  • The Populist Chapter Challenge – The chapter that receives the most social media likes on their advocacy event post will win this contest. Post a photo from your advocacy event on your chapter’s Instagram account, and include a short statement describing the event and who attended. Tag @dentalstudents, and use #ASDAadvocacy and #ASDApopulist. 

Individual Challenge

  • Advocacy Month political cartoon contest – Members will submit a political cartoon demonstrating how large amounts of student debt can limit the way new dentists practice. Cartoons should be submitted by November 15 as high resolution .jpg file, sized 2200px x 1150px. The Council on Advocacy will select a winner and two runners-up. Winners will be featured in ASDA publications and receive a prize. Submitted cartoons should be professional and appropriate. The Council on Advocacy will not consider any cartoons that contain explicit language or defame political figures.
Barriers to Care and Alternate Workforce Models 

Nov. 9, 2017 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. CST

The panel comprises a public health dentist, a dental therapist and a community dental health coordinator. Each speaker will provide information on their place in the dental health care family. There will be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions after each panelist presentation.  

The panelists are: 
  • Jodi Becker, RDH, ADT
  • Dr. Burton Edelstein, professor of dental medicine and health policy & management, Columbia University Medical Center; chair, Section of Population Oral Health, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine
  • MiQuel McRae, RDH, CDHC