Advocacy Month

People you don’t know are dictating how you practice. That’s why dental students participate in ASDA’s Advocacy Month each November. This year’s theme is:

“Hindsight is 2020: Act now to change the future.”

Major elections are taking place this November. Do your part in shaping the future by voting.

The month will focus on the past, present and future of advocacy, and encourage members to act and engage with advocacy now to proactively create change. How will you look back on the year 2020?

All ASDA predoctoral members are encouraged to participate in virtual advocacy programming.  Be sure to tag #ASDAadvocacy at your chapter or district’s events!

ASDA’s 2020-21 Council on Advocacy brings Advocacy Month 2020 to life.

3Molar Bear Instagram

ASDA Advocacy Molar Bear

ASDA’s advocacy mascot, the Advocacy Molar Bear, likely paid your chapter a visit in previous years. This year, we’ve gone virtual and brought the Molar Bear straight to your home. Be sure to engage with the various Molar Bear opportunities and tag @dentalstudents and #ASDAAdvocacy!

  • Print out the Molar Bear coloring page.
  • Create your own Molar Bear out of any household items like cotton balls, marshmallows, craft paper or pompoms.
  • Molar Bear Instagram bingo. Check our Instagram highlights.



ASDA’s new grassroots advocacy software, ASDA Action, brings advocacy to your fingertips.  With tons of useful features like find your candidates and look up bills, ASDA Action’s most exciting new feature is the ability to sign up for text alerts.

The chapter that gets the highest percentage of members signed up for ASDA Action text alerts wins national recognition and funding to bring an advocacy speaker to campus or virtual event.

And be sure to watch this video highlighting all of the features ASDA Action offers. 

Teledentistry image


Hindsight is 2020, but teledentistry is the future of dental care.

In an ever-changing and increasingly inequitable world, Teledentistry will help our profession meet the needs of our communities and will be critical in efforts to care for underserved and rural communities. Learning from experts in the field, ASDA members will become knowledgeable on ways to promote access to care, gain a better understanding of implementing teledentistry in their practice, and engage in thoughtful discussion with leaders in the field.

View recording here. 

Advocacy Certificate Program

Don’t forget – Advocacy Month provides ample opportunities to be earning points in the Advocacy Certificate Program. Check out new virtual opportunities to earn points!